Navy Turns 10 Months

Recap of your 10th month:
- you love to slap things.  We think that's your way of feeling things like your books and toys.
- great sleeper and easy to put down to sleep as long as you have your paci and your "blankie" that you love to snuggle.
- started bathing in your ducky tub
- we noticed your first tooth popping out on July 23rd!!
- try so hard to start crawling!
- started crawling on July 31st!!
- second tooth came in
- you like to sleep on your side
- you started standing up in your crib
- you like to stand yourself up beside the couch
- you had spaghetti for the first time
- you traveled to North Carolina with mama and dada for a business with mama's company
- you rode on 4 airplane flights
- you got your second cold :/
- you can get your snacks out of the snack container 
- you started wanting Jets food and water.  you love to splash the water.  

This month was a pretty big month, I'd say.  You go!  We're so proud of you and the little person you've become.  

We'll love you forever,
Mama, Dada and Bossy

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