Boston Turns 6.5....Sheesh That Went Fast!

Fastest 6.5 years of my/our life!  I mean, what the heck?!  How is it that I'm getting older so much faster than I did while I was in college?  I remember time being my worst enemy...in the slowest way. NOW, it's going way too fast.  Ugh.  

But, because of that, it's game on.  We are determined to make the most memories while we speed through life.  

Which brings us to our Bos-man turning 6.5 last Sunday, April 2nd.  If you've followed us for a while, then you know that we always celebrate those 1/2 birthdays for our little men.  Heck anytime we can celebrate them we do.  And, I'm positive Bossy loves it.  He kept calling it "his special day." Ha.  

Since it was raining that day we had to do something fun indoors.  Jer had remembered a few people in our life group going there for a birthday and mentioned that he thinks Boston would really dig the experience.  because he's not afraid of heights and he's willing to try pretty much anything. So, we gave it a shot.  

We didn't tell him where we were going because we wanted it to be a total surprise.  The whole drive he kept asking where we were going and if we'd give him hints.  But we stuck to our guns and didn't give him any ideas.  As we drove up to the building and got into the parking lot he immediately saw the sign and asked if we were going skydiving. The kid probably would have done that, too, if we told him that's what we were doing that day.  Ha!
As soon as he walked in he go so excited.  We got our wrist bands on and headed back behind the front desk area to sit and wait for our "class" that we had to take.  We had to learn a few things to do and not to do while in the chamber with the instructor.  
 Here we are, one last photo before we start getting our gear on.
 He's so awesome.  I can't believe he's my son, still, 6.5 years later.  And pay no attention to how he's almost as tall as me.
 Gearing up.  And noticing that I've eaten wayyyy too much ice cream.  Love handles/mid-section large and in charge!
 The coolest thing I've done in a long time.
 Proud of this little dude.  Like, what the what?!  He's 6.5 years old and flying like a BOSS!
 Waiting for our turn inside the chamber.
 Totally wind blown and mind blown!  So.much.fun.
All that flying gave us quite the appetite so we headed over to Chipotle for some lunch.  
 This is when the boys "Mexican" side come out.  They both love Mexican food.  Navy even loves to eat salsa with chips.  Yeah, crazy town, I know.
Pinch me, please!!  Love them so hard.
 Ohhh, and we couldn't NOT have ice cream to end the day with.  Feeding those love-handles.  They loooove me and won't go away.
We ended the night going to see Jer's aunt who is ill and in the hospital so my parents came and got the boys and took them both to Chuck E Cheese.  Then, we met up with them afterward for dinner.

It was such a great family day.  Those are the days that I live for.  Those are the days that I work for.  Those are the days that I hope to have many many more of with my sweet boys.  All 3 of them.  It fuels this mama's love tank.

Lastly, we leave you with a short video of our little guy flying high....
Boston Flying from Jennifer Cook on Vimeo.

Happy 6.5 years old, handsome, Bos-man!!

We truly couldn't love you more,
Mama, Dada and Navy


Our Christmas Tree is Up

Christmas tree time!!  Is it me or did this year literally pass by in a mili-second?  I mean, it's terrible because that means I'm getting older quicker.  Not good, not good.  

Anyway, it was time for another family night decorating our tree.  Last year, Bossy was an awesome helper.  And I'd have to say, he was pretty amazing this year, too.  He was really into making sure the ornaments were in the right place and he had some good opinions about which ornaments to add to the tree.  The best part was seeing him so excited to help and interested.  I know he was proud of the end result.

It would have taken me a month of Sundays if he hadn't helped.  Although, it did take a little longer after a little dancing, photo/video taking, singing, time-out episodes and snack breaks.  But we got her up and she's a Beaut!!
 Bossy told me to pose.  ha.
 Snack break for the littlest. 
 Bossy laughed after he took this photo because he caught me off guard and snapped it without me knowing.  Love that little due.
 Teaching Bossy the 3 things that you need to start a fire.  
 He was the best helper.  
 Ohhh this guy. He was a mess.  Cranky as all get out.  
 Our first fire in our "new" fireplace.  *we recently knocked out our tile that surrounded our fireplace and added rock all the way up to the ceiling. more on that later*
 So, each year we'll have the boys take a photo of the tree after we've set it up and decorated it.  The two previous years were easy peasy.  This year, not so much.  :)
Navy boy was adamant about not-taking-a-photo.  So we rolled with the punches and snapped a few anyway.  Ha.  You know-for those later photos that we can show to his future wife.  Oh, and to remember that night.  I'm sure I'll laugh later, even though I wasn't laughing at all during the moment.  :) 
Until next year, boys!



Meal Planning This Week

It's been a while since I've meal planned BUT that's going to change.  I always find it so easy with so much less stress.  Plus, I LOVE seeing other mamas meal plans for ideas because we tend to make the same thing every.single.month.  So hopefully this will give you all some inspiration and ideas to think outside the box from your usual go-to's!

SO, here she blows:
Give it a try and let me know how it worked out for you!



Moments With Boston

Just a typical Sunday afternoon with the Bos-man.  

Often, he and Navy will go upstairs and play in the play room together.  He'll go up with Navy, lock the gate and play until food is ready or just to give Jer and I a little break.  

There's been so many days where I've wanted to go through the whole playroom and trash most of the toys up there.  It often feels cluttered and drives me bananas.  But THEN, they go up to play and are up there for an hour playing with most of them.  And then I remember why I'm keeping them all ;) ha.  

This particular day, Navy was taking a nap and I caught Bossy up there alone playing.  And my mammarrazi self wanted to document this moment in time where I know one day I'll want to look back at.  The way his hair covers his ears, his cute little profile and the table he plays his legos on.  

A sight that I'll sure miss.  You're pretty dang awesome, Bossy.  
Ohh and, we STILL haven't painted over the beautiful drawing Navy so kindly did to our wall.  That's on our 50 page list of things to do.  :)  For now, we'll enjoy is artwork.
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