Father's Day 2017

Happy Father's Day, Dada!!

Thank you for continuing to make us laugh, protecting us, showing us what a loving husband looks like, getting outside and kicking the ball with us, making us pancakes every Saturday morning, being our fixer of everything, teaching us how things work and most importantly showing us how to love God and being a Godly daddy!!  

We LOVE you + aspire to be just like you!

- the Cook brothers, Boston & Navy


Navy Turns 31 Months!

Dear Navy,

    Another month has gone by, yet again.  These months are flying and we're constantly staying entertained by you.  You're liveliness is infectious.  God made you so so perfect for our family.  It's been so fun to see you flourish this month with in talking and learning.  We pretty much consider you a genius, ha!  :) One thing is for sure, we adore our Navy-dog!!

What you'd been up to this past month:

- says Thank "YOU" (in a high pitch voice) - pretty much the cutest sound
- has peed in the toilet 2-3 times 
- even though you've never watched a spider man movie, didn't have any spider man book or toy, you loooove spider man.  In particular, your spider man pj's set that is now too small for you to wear that you refuse to take off for days at a time.   So, we had to get you some more that you were super hesitant about because it wasn't "the" pj's you liked the most.  
- loves to sing the Happy Birthday song 
- successfully working on putting on your pants and shirts on by yourself 
- STILL loves the water table
- loves bubbles + pouring them out onto the ground, ha
- yes "man" is your "yes, ma'am"
- you love to say, "watch this," when you want us to look at you
- your water table is your favorite toy

Until next month....
xo-Mama, Dada and Bruder Boston!


Easter 2017

Easter day is typically the same very year.  Breakfast, Easter egg coloring and then family Easter egg hunt + dinner.  And this year was exactly THAT!  A fun family filled Easter day with our sweet boys.  

This year, Navy was more into egg coloring, however, he only lasted about 30 minutes until he was ready for his nap.  So, while baby brother snoozed, we were able to really focus on Boston and his egg creations.  It was a great time and I think Bossy really loved having that time to ourselves.  

I had a total #momfail with their Easter baskets.  I bought their little gifts but failed to fill them!!  HA.  I found my bag of goodies the next day in our closet.  I'm pretty sure Jer is right, though, when he says that, "They are boys, Jen, they don't care about that stuff!" Sooo, it might have been the last year to buy them goodies for their baskets.  We shall see.  :) 

xo - Jen
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