Date Night

We are always so thankful that we have amazing grandparents to our baby boys.  Every so often they will come spend the night with us so that Jer and I can get some alone one-on-one time.  And every time we have an awesome dinner with great conversation.  Mainly about the boys and our business, which is like our third baby.  That's when we get the most business strategy done when we don't have a baby to feed or a toddler to handle.

This time we chose to go to Del Frisco's Grille.  And gosh darn was it delicious.  So delicious I'm boring you with food pictures.  :)  Everything taste perfect and, of course, I ate way too much.  Totally went of the diet.  But that tends to happen a lot.

After dinner, we decided to just sit there and enjoy the peacefulness of it all.  So instead of going and doing anything else, we stayed right there and sipped on our adult beverages!  Yes, we had some alcohol.  I know, I couldn't believe it either.  It had been over 20 months.  I just knew that I'd have to pump and dump, but then some of my lovely mama instagram followers informed me that there would be no need to do that if I wasn't feeling "wasted" by the time I started to feed/pump.  Love that instagram community.  I learn so much from other mamas.  So, I got to keep my "gold" milk as we call it around here.  But isn't that what everyone calls it?!

Anyway, until next time....



First Meal Plan of The Year

Our meal plan for the week:

It's been so long since I've meal planned.  I think it's safe to say that this is the first one of the year. Gasp!  I've totally been slacking.  But over the weekend, Jer and I were talking about how it's so much more cheaper/less stressful.  Having your meals planned out requires no thinking.  Plus, you know exactly what to get at the grocery store so there's less "extras" thrown in your basket while shopping.  I'm the queen of that.  I see something and throw it in.  Now, I can take my list for my meal plan and only get the things we will need for that week.  PLUS, I'm not rummaging through the fridge or cupboard at 4pm trying to find something in a hurry to make before the hubs gets home!  That in itself is worth it.  Ha.

I'm also going to be meal planning Navy's meals each week.  Once I do, I'll post that here, too!  We try to have him try out a new food each week so meal planning his meals makes sense.  :)



First Day of Preschool

September 2014

Bossy goes to preschool!  Preschool had always been up in the air for our family.  I'd always loved being able to shelter and teach Bossy at home.  However, we knew that because there was another baby on the way, I had a thankfully successful business to run and a possibility of getting preeclampsia again all signs pointed to that being the best decision for our family this year.  Don't get me wrong, I was really sad.  Sad that I wouldn't be the only influencer in Bossy's young life.  I would be handing some influences over to anther person.  That scared me and my heart ached.  Up until his first day of preschool I was a wreck.  Combined with being pregnant it wasn't a pretty sight.  Ha.  However, the Lord kept telling me it was okay and that it would be a great thing for him.  Seeing how happy he was when we went to visit/tour the school a few months before put me a little more at ease with the decision.  He's a very social person, never meets a stranger, so I knew he would love it.  Knowing this helped a lot.  If he had been a kid that would cry every time I dropped him off we would have definitely removed him without a question.  

The morning of his first day was a big deal here at home.  We took some pictures and made his lunch.  Growing up my mom would always put little "love" notes in my lunch pails and this was something that I wanted to carry on with my children. We hope that his teacher reads them all to him.  :)  
The weekend before his first day of preschool he went and visited his grandparents at the ranch while Jer and I went on our "baby moon."  While he was there he fell and hit his nose.  I freaked thinking about him going to school with this scabbed up nose!  Ha.  It wasn't funny then but it is now and when we look back on these pictures in the next 10-20 years.
Walking in like he owns the place.  He was ready and happy!  :)
We got there a little early so we had to wait in the foyer for about 10 minutes before the doors were opened.  I got to sit with him to chat a little.  Mostly me telling him that I'm gonna miss him and that I love him and that I'm so proud of him.  
1st day of preschool video from Jennifer Cook on Vimeo.


Talking Hospital Stay

Another bedrest hospital stay that lasted a lot longer than the one that I did with Bossy.  Instead of only one week like last time, I ended up staying 3 weeks.  Bedrest with preeclampsia involves a whole lot of nothing.  The only thing I could do was get up to go to the bathroom and shower.  That was it.  Anything else would elevate my blood pressure which was the reason I was there.  Even having visitors would spike it.

The highlight of my days were being wheeled into another room down the hallway, being put on a monitor and hearing my baby's heartbeat.  It was such music to my ears every-single-time.  I would go twice a day.  Once mid-morning and then again mid-evening.  I looked forward to those 2 - 30 minute "outings."  And sometimes when the nurses would hook me up and leave they would end up forgetting about me so I ended up being in there almost an hour which was totally fine by me!  I could have stayed in there all day listening to his heartbeat and watching his vitals/movements on the paper grid that was printing.  It was always a bummer being wheeled back to my room with nothing to do and nobody to talk to.  

Plus, I had to wear those leg compressors 8 hours a day to keep my circulation going while laying all day.  This stuff was no joke.  Yes, I got to spend my days just lounging around but I would much rather have been with my two loves at home.  I just had to keep my mind on the prize and that was to keep that baby cooking inside of me for as long as possible.  I knew that every day was monumental for his/her development.  It was almost like a challenge for me that I was determined to win.  I wanted to challenge myself to see how long I could keep him/her cooking.  :)

About 2 weeks into my hospital stay, I had hit the 36.5 week mark.  My doctor came in a day later during her morning patient rotation and told Jer and I (who had happened to have been staying the night with me the night before) that as soon as I hit 37.5 weeks she would be okay with delivering me and that we could set a date.  We were thrilled!  I knew that this baby was already weighing above what most babies weigh at that gestational age and so did she.  I tend to make big babies.  And it was also developing perfectly.  Praise God.  So we decided that day that we would go ahead and scheduled a c-section for the exact day I hit 37.5 weeks which happened to land on a Wednesday.  Knowing this made a huge difference in my mood each day.  I could now see the light at the end of the tunnel and it wasn't going to be another 3 weeks, either.  So, I was determined to completely relax my last week of my pregnancy.  I knew I had better take advantage of that time alone with no responsibilities because I knew that the moment this baby was born, I would then have 2 babies depending on me 24/7 and there would be no more "me" time or down time for quite some time.  So I spent that last week watching tv, ordering food (which was actually really yummy for a hospital) and getting prepared for this new arrival.  It was pretty glorious I must admit.  Ha.  I can't think of another time where I will get to do that without any guilt.  :) But in the end, all of that was SO worth it!!


Navy Turns 9 Months

Here's how your month went:
- started eating carrots
- you're now crawling....but backwards
- started sleeping in your crib
- love sitting up and playing with your toys
- still no teeth
- rode in the grocery store cart of the first time
- love blowing raspberries
- makes cute screaming noises
- still wearing size 3 shoes and diapers
- went swimming for the first time in Nana's pool
- so easy to smile
- loves to dance
- started sitting up from the "laying down" position
-started rolling over
- tried mango
- bananas
- tried cherrios
- started eating chicken
- celebrated the 4th of July for the first time
- switched to a big boy car seat
- celebrated mama and dada's birthdays
- went Branson, MO
- you've now been to: Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Florida

We love you!!


Navy Turns 8 Months

Navy Boy!  Gosh these months are flying by.  You're growing up way too fast.  We can't believe 8 months have already gone by.  They've been pretty amazing 8 months and this month a lot of fun and big things happened!

Here's what your 8th month looked like:
- tried peas and green beans for the first time
- switched to the big boy stroller seat
-had a mum mum for the first time
- started making a coughing/screetching noise.  It's pretty hilarious.  We video'd it.
- wearing size 3 shoe
- wearing size 3 diapers
-still nursing like a pro
- weighing 19lbs
- 24 inches long
- started blowing raspberries

We love you!


Navy Touching The Sand For The First Time!

Amelia Island, Florida 2015 - Day 3 & 4

Our third day, Saturday, was a bit of a snoozer.  We had plans of hanging out by the pool all day but it ended up thunderstorming about 90% of the day.  So we walked down to get breakfast around 10:30, walked over to the Ritz Kids area for a while, came back to the room and by that time daddy was done until he had to go back for dinner so we all took a nap.  We are definitely a family that isn't afraid to take naps.  I mean...isn't that part of being on vacation?!  :)
We got up and got the boys ready and the boys and I headed out for another dinner as just the 3 of us.  After dinner we walked down to the huge fire pit they had on the beach and roasted smore's that they had available.  We stayed out there for about 45 minutes, came back to the room and let Bossy watch a movie while I fed little man and watched a show myself.  To our surprise, daddy came back early (around 9) to spend the rest of the evening with us.  

Sunday, was "going home" day.  However, since our flight didn't take off until 7pm we had the whole day with daddy to do what we wanted.

This trip was quick but really great.  The boys were awesome and loved being away from home exploring.  Bossy knows that he's been to Florida a few times already so he already loved the idea of going back.  This was Navy's first but not last time to Florida!

Until next time Florida...



Amelia Island, Florida 2015 - Day 2

Our second day was spent mostly at the beach.  Jer had to go to a few lectures that morning (and even gave a lecture himself) until about noon and then came back and we headed out to the beach since he didn't have to be back for their dinner until 6:30p.  It was a nice beach day but it was sooo windy.  Windy or not Bossy had the time of his life.  I really think he's a total beach dude.  The water was freezing but he warmed up to it and frolicked out in it the whole time.  He would get out of the water and start shivering.  ha.  
Meanwhile we watched him and enjoyed time with Navy while he experienced his first time out on the beach and touching the sand.
Making his treasure map in the sand.  

Navy's very first time touching his sweet little toes to the sand.  He didn't seem to mind.  
We think he loved it.  :)  Those strap marks are indentions from his cute little sandals he was wearing.  Cutest little chubby feet I ever did see.
Praying?  :)
Yup, he likes it.  Gonna be another beach lover, we hope.  
Wrapped up and napping on daddy's shoulder.
Feeding time.
What a beach bum.  :)
Ending the night with the boys and I going out to dinner at a restaurant in the hotel and me taking a bubble bath.  :)  Although it didn't go as planned.  This sweet little lover buns decided to wake up right when I was getting in.  However, he was so kind.  He didn't bother me and he played with his toys the whole time.  
What a great "making memories" day!
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