Navy Turns 20 Months!

Our sweet Navy-boy,

     We still couldn't feel more blessed that we've gotten to love on you for 20 months now.  Not to mention, we get to love on you and watch you grow forever.  How cool!  You're pretty darn amazing in our book.  The past month has been another great month with you.
Here's what you've been up to lately:
- you LOVE your guitar and dancing to the songs.  You step back and forth while moving your hand to the beat.  You've got 2 favorite songs and you know exactly how many times to push the button to make those songs play.  It's pretty amazing
 - you're still loving getting your numbers read to you, both in the living room (where we have a set in a bowl for you) and in your room (the ones that hung on the wall).  Each time we put you to bed and right when you wake up you grunt and point to them letting us know that you want us to say them.  And we have to do it over and over, ha.  
- still loving your bottles with milk.  We are still working on getting you to take milk in sippy cups.  Right now, every time we give you milk in a sippy cut you push it away.  
- you love to take baths.  Sometimes if it's too hot outside during the day, mama will let you play in a bath with toys and bubbles.  
- you're wearing size 6 shoe now
- you're still going through the exact same clothing Bossy wore.
- you love water and swimming in our hot tub in the backyard.  
- you are still limited in your words which we aren't yet worried about.  You're only saying about 4-5 words.  But you definitely great at letting us know when you want more milk when you walk up to the fridge and grunt and try to open it.  :)
- not a fan of taking photos.  Mama's pretty sure that you know when the "big black thing" comes out you run for the hills.  And you certainly don't want to sit or stand next to brother for a photo.  These monthly photos are becoming a challenge for mama.  :))

We're excited to see all of the next and funny things you to this next month.  Until then...

We'll love you forever,
Mama, Dada and Bossy


Redneck Swimming Pool + Back Patio Dinner

Our sweet boys....they totally think that our hot tub is a swimming pool.  Ha. We have no shame in letting swim in it, even putting Navy's float in it, like it's a swimming pool.  Bossy will even often put on his goggles and go "swimming" under the water.  We like to refer to it as our "redneck swimming pool."  :)

Navy loves loves water.  All water.  Running water, waterfalls, puddles and our backyard hot tub.  He is so content with floating around in his float while splashing his brother + being splashed by his brother.  He loves it all.  

A lot of times, it's our night time activity before bed to wear them out just a little more to get them nice and tired for bed.  

This particular night, we had our dinner outside.  Jer recently put up those lights around the porch and their perfect.  They give off the perfect amount of light and ambiance on our patio.  It's so peaceful as long as you are sprayed with some OFF so the mosquitos aren't trying to suck you dry.  
Those legs!!
The faces he makes cracks us all up!  
I live for nights like these!



Swim Lessons For The B-Man

This morning was the start of Boston's first swim lessons of the year.  He loves all things water and swimming.  This is why our backyard hot tub is names the "Redneck Swimming Pool."  :)  The boys use it as their swimming pool most days.  But in the event we go to an actual swimming pool with some real depth, he'll need to know how to swim and swim good!

But because mommy had "mommy brain" when we woke up, we were totally late to his class.  So late that we missed the whole lesson that he was signed up for!  *hand to forehead* But we went anyway hoping that we could get him into the one that started 15 minutes after his ended.  And....it was a no-go.  That class was full.  So we had to wait until the one after that.  

So we walked over to the park that was next to the pool.  The boys got to get some energy out, mama got to document it and we all had fun.  It was waayyy past Navy's first nap time but he was still kickin' like a champ.  
Another little baby boy came walking over to Navy so Navy started waving at him.  He's a sociable little guy.  Exactly like big brother.
And a daredevil just like big bro...
Once it was time, I loaded Navy up into the stroller and we walked back over to the pool.  He ate some snacks, stayed hydrated with some water and milk and was super patient.  Hoping the next 2 weeks goes so smoothly!  He, too, loves water so I think he had a great time watching brother swimming and just being around the pool.  (more on my snapchat: @jenannstyle)
Turns out, the class that Bossy was in was the highest-level II class with the big kids.  Tomorrow he'll be in the regular Level II class.  But he did so well I thought about keeping him in this class for the remaining 2 weeks but for Navy's nap-time sake, we are keeping it early in the morning.  
Who can put their head all the way under the water?  
It was a great morning, even if we were running late and mama was a little stressed but we made the best of it and the boys had fun.  So that's a win-win in my books.  Plus, it'll probably not be the last time that we're late at something or even miss something all together.  :)

Great job, Bossy.  You did amazing today and I LOVED getting to see your "thumbs up" you'd send me every so often.  Too bad I didn't catch a photo of one!



Navy Turns 19 Months!

Oh Navy-boy,

     You are pretty dang amazing.  You have become quite the little charmer, lately.  And mama probably tells you about 10 million times a day how much she loves you.  She just can't get enough of you.  And you can't be away from her either!  You're definitely her sidekick.
Here's what you've been up to lately:
- you know how to make us laugh and will do whatever it takes to make that happen
- we haven't figured it out but every time we sit down as a family to pray before a meal you get so mad.  You yell after we all say, "Amen." We have to hurry and change the subject and move your focus to something else.  
- you are still obsessed with doing your "numbers."  You know exactly where the bowl is that they are in and you'll point to them and then sit down in the living room floor so that we can lay them out and count to you.  It's pretty dang awesome.  Brother does a great job at practicing with you, too.
- You started learning the shapes: triangle and heart along with numbers 6-10
- you're still not a fan of us dropping you off at the church nursery.  But after the drop off and we are no longer in sight you do well.  Although, it might be because they pamper you.  :)
- wearing size 5 shoe
- you still LOVE to drink your milk out of a bottle and not sippy cups
- you've started saying, "more" which is more like "moo"
- obsessed with water and swimming 
- wearing 18-24 months clothing
- wearing size 5 diapers

You're one amazing little fella.  Thank you for loving us so much.

We'll love you forever,
Mama, Dada and Bossy


7UP Smoothie

I heart Pinterest!

A few years ago I found this drink on Pinterest.  Every now and then I'll make this drink and it's always so dang good.  It's like a bananaslashstrawberry smoothie/slush.  You see, I have a huge sweet tooth.  A meal isn't complete until I've had a taste of something sweet.  So when I'm looking for something to cure that craving that isn't tooooo bad and when I have everything on hand I'll throw this smoothie together to fill that craving.  It seriously is so delicious.  You can also use LaCroix sparkling water.  I often do that, too.  

The 4 ingredients you need: banana + strawberries + ice + diet 7UP or Sprite! 
The order you do things is totally up to you.  I like to blend my strawberries first, banana second and ice third.  
Once texture is nice and slushy (the way I like it), I add the 7UP and blend it, too.  If you don't like it slushy, it's also really good with whole ice cubes.  Kinda like an "on the rocks" drink.  :)
Pour it in a glass and enjoy!  Ahhh...can't wait to make another one tomorrow.  
Let me know if you try this!  I'd love to hear your thoughts.  :)

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