Just a typical Sunday afternoon with the Bos-man.  

Often, he and Navy will go upstairs and play in the play room together.  He'll go up with Navy, lock the gate and play until food is ready or just to give Jer and I a little break.  

There's been so many days where I've wanted to go through the whole playroom and trash most of the toys up there.  It often feels cluttered and drives me bananas.  But THEN, they go up to play and are up there for an hour playing with most of them.  And then I remember why I'm keeping them all ;) ha.  

This particular day, Navy was taking a nap and I caught Bossy up there alone playing.  And my mammarrazi self wanted to document this moment in time where I know one day I'll want to look back at.  The way his hair covers his ears, his cute little profile and the table he plays his legos on.  

A sight that I'll sure miss.  You're pretty dang awesome, Bossy.  
Ohh and, we STILL haven't painted over the beautiful drawing Navy so kindly did to our wall.  That's on our 50 page list of things to do.  :)  For now, we'll enjoy is artwork.


Lowes Trip With Two Kids

This weekend we went over to Lowes to get some new Christmas lights for the outside of our house.  Which means, we made it a family affair with the boys in tow.

There's nothing fancy or exciting about it....just a day that I'll want to remember in about 10 years when their both teenagers and I forget how: a) we left the house without any shoes for Bossy,  b) Navy was starving and I didn't have but one snack, c) Navy throwing his water bottle and emptying out 1/2 of the water onto the floor of an aisle and d) having a total meltdown during checkout.  :) He definitely likes to keep us on our toes!

Oh the joys of having a toddler.

All in all it was a pretty successful trip and one for the memory books....errr blog.


Boston's FIRST "Meet The Teacher Night"

Our big boy has one more weekend before he's officially a kindergartener!!  Woah, what the heck is going on?!  I can't even wrap my brain around it.  At all.  

Thursday, August 18th, his elementary school held a Meet The Teacher event.  

We ran a few errands earlier that day and waited for Jer to get off work (he worked from home that day), got ready and headed out around 4:20 to be there when the doors opened at 4:30.  

When we got there we were immediately approached by some teachers.  They were there to tell each student their teacher they got for that year.  I was super excited!  His very first time learning the name of the teacher they got.  But it all happened so fast, I wasn't able to video it or snap a photo.  But that's okay, it'll be something I'll remember forever, anyway.  
Once we found out his teacher, we headed down the halls to his new classroom.  There are two kindergarten hallways.  This one is #1.
And this one is #2 which is where his classroom is.
AND.....we found it!
And Mrs. Martin is the cutest little thing.  And the sweetest.  AND, we've heard from a ton of people that she's the best kindergarten teacher at the school.  And Bossy go her!  Praise God.
He found his table and chair.
Answering some questions that she had them fill out when they got there.
He's so amazing.
The cutest thing.  As we were taking some photos, he proceeds to lean over and give a kiss.  #heartinapuddle #neverletthisend
I feel like he matured so much over the summer.  The photo that we took together on his last day in preschool just 2 months earlier, he looks SO much younger.  #cryingeyesout
He melts me.
His brand new teacher.  We know he's going to love her and kindergarten.  Love how brother is peeking around his stroller.  Ha.
Sign me up!!  :)
Navy boy was getting a little restless.  He was ready to blow that joint.  :) After he emptied his snacks/crumbs all over his stroller seat.  Oy!
Jer was trying to comfort him so I could continue my mamarazzi-ness with Bossy and documenting our the whole event and classroom.
His "mom lets get the heck out of dodge look."
I wasn't fast enough.  Sorry for the funny photo Mrs. Martin!  :)
After leaving his classroom, we headed over toward the cafeteria where the PTA had several tables set up for parents to sign up for PTA and to buy some spirit apparel.  I got a cute school shirt for him, signed up for PTA and purchased a magnet and shirts for Jer and I to wear.  Yes, I'll be "that" mom that hopes to be up at the school helping out whenever and where ever I can.
Since it was dinner time by the time we left, we headed over to the Cheesecake Factory to continue the celebration as a family.
It's was a great night, but I'm still not ready to have a kindergartner.  I'm still wanting/needing more time with him and missing our days where we spent every waking hour together as a toddler.  Ahhhh....so sad.



School Supplies for Our Soon-To-Be Kindergartener

Our Bossy, our first born, our really amazing 5 year old is starting Kindergarten next Monday, August 22nd!!  Pinch me, pinch me hard!!!  I can't even wrap my brain around that whole idea.  The whole idea of him being a legit student in a big kid school.  

I've dreaded this time since he was born.  It's the whole reason I had always wanted to home-school.  I jus love him being with me and making memories.  Constantly.  I feel like this came way too quickly.  But at the same time, as he was growing up, it also felt like these days were an eternity away.  

But, alas, we are here and as much as I want time to slow down this next week, sadly, it won't.  I must admit, I've been having a little anxiety about it all.  I know, I'm weird but it's true.  Something I'm not proud of or happy about.  I so so want to be so excited for him but I just can't.  Not right now.  But I think that once we get past the first day and first week and get set in our "new life" I'll feel a lot better about this season of life for my sweet first born.  

Anyway, starting school means having to get his school supplies.  So, in natural Cook fashion, we made it a family affair with some photos and videos to document the moment.  This would be his very first time buying school supplies we wanted to remember it.  You know, for when he's 30 years old and looking back through our family memory books.  :)  

We met dada after work and headed over to Target.  

 Brother snacked on pretzels and got driven around the store.  The life!
Done...almost!  We got to checked off all but 2 things on our list that Target didn't have and that he and I will go and get at Walmart tomorrow.

 High five'ing!
I love this guy so much!!
After we left Target we headed over to the Gap for a little school cloth shopping.  I had already done most of it online but we needed a few more jeans (that he needed to try on) and shirts.  Other than that we are done except for about 2 more pairs of shoes!
As soon as we finished dinner it was bed time for Navy so we took him up, got into our swimsuits, grabbed the monitor and went outside to play in the hot tub with just the big guy.  It always makes him feel special and we love it, too.  Had it been earlier in the evening the little-man would have been out there with us.  
Bossy, you sure are awesome.  We love you so much and we love getting to make memories with you!!

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