Swim Lessons For The B-Man

This morning was the start of Boston's first swim lessons of the year.  He loves all things water and swimming.  This is why our backyard hot tub is names the "Redneck Swimming Pool."  :)  The boys use it as their swimming pool most days.  But in the event we go to an actual swimming pool with some real depth, he'll need to know how to swim and swim good!

But because mommy had "mommy brain" when we woke up, we were totally late to his class.  So late that we missed the whole lesson that he was signed up for!  *hand to forehead* But we went anyway hoping that we could get him into the one that started 15 minutes after his ended.  And....it was a no-go.  That class was full.  So we had to wait until the one after that.  

So we walked over to the park that was next to the pool.  The boys got to get some energy out, mama got to document it and we all had fun.  It was waayyy past Navy's first nap time but he was still kickin' like a champ.  
Another little baby boy came walking over to Navy so Navy started waving at him.  He's a sociable little guy.  Exactly like big brother.
And a daredevil just like big bro...
Once it was time, I loaded Navy up into the stroller and we walked back over to the pool.  He ate some snacks, stayed hydrated with some water and milk and was super patient.  Hoping the next 2 weeks goes so smoothly!  He, too, loves water so I think he had a great time watching brother swimming and just being around the pool.  (more on my snapchat: @jenannstyle)
Turns out, the class that Bossy was in was the highest-level II class with the big kids.  Tomorrow he'll be in the regular Level II class.  But he did so well I thought about keeping him in this class for the remaining 2 weeks but for Navy's nap-time sake, we are keeping it early in the morning.  
Who can put their head all the way under the water?  
It was a great morning, even if we were running late and mama was a little stressed but we made the best of it and the boys had fun.  So that's a win-win in my books.  Plus, it'll probably not be the last time that we're late at something or even miss something all together.  :)

Great job, Bossy.  You did amazing today and I LOVED getting to see your "thumbs up" you'd send me every so often.  Too bad I didn't catch a photo of one!



7UP Smoothie

I heart Pinterest!

A few years ago I found this drink on Pinterest.  Every now and then I'll make this drink and it's always so dang good.  It's like a bananaslashstrawberry smoothie/slush.  You see, I have a huge sweet tooth.  A meal isn't complete until I've had a taste of something sweet.  So when I'm looking for something to cure that craving that isn't tooooo bad and when I have everything on hand I'll throw this smoothie together to fill that craving.  It seriously is so delicious.  You can also use LaCroix sparkling water.  I often do that, too.  

The 4 ingredients you need: banana + strawberries + ice + diet 7UP or Sprite! 
The order you do things is totally up to you.  I like to blend my strawberries first, banana second and ice third.  
Once texture is nice and slushy (the way I like it), I add the 7UP and blend it, too.  If you don't like it slushy, it's also really good with whole ice cubes.  Kinda like an "on the rocks" drink.  :)
Pour it in a glass and enjoy!  Ahhh...can't wait to make another one tomorrow.  
Let me know if you try this!  I'd love to hear your thoughts.  :)



We Voted....With Toddler In Tow

We are a family of voters.  We vote at every election and make it a big deal.  Photo sessions and all.  Primary's, too.  :)  So this morning before daddy went to work, we dropped off Bossy at preschool and went to vote.  It was Navy's second time to vote.  Last time, he was almost 1 month old and he slept the whole time curled up in my wrap as I "wore" him.  Not a peep out of him.  THIS time, total opposite.  He wanted to cast my ballot for me.  Ha.  So I let him walk around while I finished up quickly.  I had one eye on him and one eye on who I was voting for.  ;)  

But that's okay.  Making memories is what its all about.  Wellll, and choosing the right candidate.  I remember taking Bossy with us to all of our voting sessions and I still cherish those photos.  You learn what you see so hopefully we're training up some little voters who will exercise their civil duty, too!

Typical photo with the Navy-dog.
Passerby-er's were hearing daddy sing to him to get his attention.  Ha!
Until November....



Alone Time with Mr. Navy Cross

Oh Navy!  You are such a cool little guy.  I don't write a lot about our days like I did when your brother was your age, but that's gonna change.  I'm gonnaA to start making it a point to set some time aside each week to write, reminisce, blog, just talk about you.  Mainly for our memory books.  There's so much that goes on during the week and so many changes that happen that I want to document.  I've made sure to photograph you a lot, but I just don't write about you enough.  We need to keeps things fair around here, right?!  :)

So here she blows....my first post this year about just you!  Since my new schedule (which I'll talk about in a later post) allows me more time at home with you we get to play and just be mommy and son more.  This particular day you had just woken up from your morning nap.  Our routine is to change your diaper, let you play in front of your mirror (clearly from all the finger prints) to see "that" baby in the mirror then to read some books.  You loooove books.  You love pretty much all books that I'll sit and read to you but you do have one particular book that you like the most.  The one that we take with us everywhere we go.  It's our saving grace at restaurants, grocery store, shopping, soccer practice....you name it, it saves us!  After reading and sitting on the floor in your room you frolic around and you eventually navigate your way into the next room, the play room.  
 There's something about a baby's tooshie and little legs that give me googly eyes.
 Making a dash toward your closet to get a shoe out.  I find your shoes all around the upstairs.
Trying to push the button on Scout's leg to make it play music.  Like your brother, you too, love Scout.  You sleep with him every night.
One of your Christmas presents (a blog post that I almost have ready to hit publish on) was this Melissa and Doug shapes set.  You are first learning your colors and then we'll move on to learning their shapes.  But between learning the colors, you like to tump the whole thing over to make them all fall off.  You are all boy!  Everything has to be dumped out or thrown down.
Fun fact: lately you will go up to the play room all by yourself and play.  Play for a good 20-40 minutes all alone.  There's so many toys up there that keep you occupied that you must forget that the rest of us (or just me when we are home alone together) is downstairs.

This day, I broke out my camera and just started shooting.  Shooting you play, walk and explore everything around you.  You had your toys and your mama right there with you.  I'd say you were a happy camper.
High up on the list of favorites is this latch board.  It was a toy that your brother played with and loved and now you get to play with it.  Under each door there are animals and every time you open a door we say the animal and then make the animal noise.  

And now every time you open a door you stop and look up at us waiting for us to say the name of the animal and make the sound that animal makes.  It cracks us up.

Here you are about to open a door.....
....and now here you are waiting for me to tell you the animal and make the sound.  Ha
You're very forceful when opening those doors.  You aren't playing around, you mean business.  :)
Your sweet face is so adorable.  This is clearly before you got your first hair cut.  I actually kinda miss it.  It was so "you."  Our little wild-haired man.
I loved that day and want to bottle it up and never forget how care free and peaceful it was.  But after about an hour of playing, it was lunch time.  

I'm happy to say, we've had many more days just like this lately and its so refreshing.  I look forward to those 3 whole days without interruption that I get to spend with you and to capture more memories.  


Jennifer Ann - NEW Product Launch

After a lot of thought, time and hard work we finally launched our new Personalized Short-Sleeved Onesies!  We are thrilled knowing that lots of babies will be sporting these in the coming spring and summer months.  We can't wait!  

They are made out of organic cotton and come is 6 different colors.  We are so proud of them and we know that you'll love them, too!



Navy Turns 16 Months - Wowzers!

Dear Navy,

     Holy smokes, we're already talking about your 16th month?!! Totally crazy how fast that went.  You have been such an awesome baby.  We still tend to think of you as a baby because the word toddler just sounds so old.  :)  Your little personality is really starting to shine through.  You're more vocal and mobile and really sweet.  We can tell that you're gonna have a gentle spirit.  You are not a fan of loud things.  Like, when you do something awesome and dada says, "Yayyy!!" you curl your bottom lip down and have a total meltdown.  We still can't figure out why that sets you off.  But it too is pretty cute.  For that reason, you still won't clap for us.  Because every time we've ever wanted to you clap we say, "Yayyy!" so now we think you correlate that with clapping.  You've only thrown a handful of tantrums but when you do it's the cutest to watch.  Even though it's a little sad because our communication barrier is what causes it.  The way you tell us that you don't want anymore of a certain food is by throwing it on the ground.  So, in a way, you're also upfront about things.  One more cool fact about you,  when you are eating and we tell you to "drink some water" you reach back and grab your sippy cup to drink your water that we have hanging from your chair.  It's fun to know that you know what we are saying even though you aren't talking yourself.  :)

Here's how awesome you were this month:
- you now have 10.5 teeth
- when we ask you if you want to watch your movie, you will walk over to your little bouncer chair, sit down and kick your legs in excitement.  Ha
- you know 3 words in Spanish: leche (milk), queres (want), aqua (water)
- you also know what mama means when she says, "Donde Esta?" that means "where is?" 
- you got your first haircut on January 23rd
- you know where your ear is (but we clapped and said, "Yay!" the first time you touched your ear when asked and now you won't do it anymore)
- LOVES reading books.  Your favorite being your book called First 100 Words
- loves to food
- you have a latch board toy that you love to open doors to.  Behind those doors are animals and you know that when you open the door we will say the animal name and then the sound and every-time you open a door now, you'll look up at us as if you're waiting on us to say the animal and make the sound.  Ha.  Makes us laugh.
- when you push your airplane around the house you've figured out how to navigate it and turn it so that it doesn't hit walls or run into anything
- still a mama's boy.  You'd rather mama hold you over anyone (even dada)
- you don't like walking in public.  In fact, you haven't walked in public once.  You'd rather be carried.
- sleep great at night.  Although, for the past 3 weeks you'll wake up at 5am, we'll give you a bottle and then you'll sleep until 8am
- we started trying to wean you off the pacifier at night and it's been going really good
- you love to move the curtains and run through them and behind them
- you are trying to veto your 2nd nap.  But we still get those in most days.
- by the end of the month you are completely weaned off of your pacifier!  Great job, kid.

We'll love you forever, sweet one!
Mama, Dada and Bossy

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