Boca Raton - April 2014 - Day 3

Oh day 3.  What a great day you were.  Bossy started off the day by people/pool/ocean wave watching by the balcony door.  Although we didn't have much of a balcony.  While I got myself ready to head down to grab some breakfast with him.  Daddy had one last seminar class to attend that morning and wouldn't be done until around 11:30 so we fed ourselves some outside patio eating at one of the hotels breakfast restaurants.
It was a beautiful morning to enjoy a breakfast outside.
Once we were done, we headed back to the hotel room.  And to our surprise daddy was done early and got back to the room shortly after we did.  We all got ready and headed down to the pool to enjoy it as a family.  The first family day of the trip.  It was blissful.  
He was so brave.  He jumped on out there with his floats with no fear.  He's cautious but fearless at the same time.  
Then some girls (teenage age) came along and asked him if he wanted to get on the whale and they would push him around.  Ha.  It was hilarious at how doting on him they were.  All Jer and I could do was laugh because Boston was totally soaking it up.  
Then they proceeded to put him on the inner tube and push him around like he was a king.  This guy!
Meanwhile, I was sipping on a blue raspberry drink poolside.  Excuse the hideous nails.
Nothings better than having lunch beach and ocean side.  Turkey mushroom burger (without the bun) was delish.
After the pool we got dressed and headed out to the "main" hotel for some dinner.  But first we had to take the hotel shuttle.  
 We opted for sushi.  And Boston got the chicken teriyaki.
 Then we headed over across the hall to the famous Serendipity ice cream restaurant for a dessert.
 I almost got their frozen hot chocolate but then decided on some cookie dough topped with sprinkles.
 Boston insisted on seeing all of the waterfalls so we ended up taking a stroll around the hotel to see all it had.  It was all so beautiful and well groomed.
 We ended by taking a stroll along the pier to see all of the boats docked on the channel.
 As we were standing outside waiting for our shuttle back to our hotel, a very nice couple asked if we would like our picture taken.  Absolutely!  And thank you!
 He even took it at different angles.  Now that's my kinda picture taking!
We got back to the hotel room watched a movie, did a little blogging and then crashed out. Unfortunately, it was our last night there.  But thankfully we had an evening flight so we could do a little beach or pool action the next morning before we head out.


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Boca Raton - April 2014 - Day 2

Ahh the beach!  

There's really nothing better than sitting on a beautiful beach with blue waters and watching your toddler run around with excitement while playing in the sand/water.  I'm thinking he's gonna end up being a beachy kinda guy.  

He was determined to get his feet wet in the water.  It was chilly at first but he loved it.
 This is what I saw most of the time we spent at the beach.  Tons of shoveling.
 He was so proud of finding a seashell.
 At one point he laid down on the sand and said, "Ahhh!" Ha.
He's a funny funny kid.  Pure joy.
Little surfer dude.
Boston ended up seeing a little kid (probably around 7-8 years old) making a sand castle nearby and so he decided to go and join him.  Side note: if I could describe Boston in one word it would be sociable. This kid never meets a stranger.  If he sees a kid he immediately calls him his friend and goes up to them to play.  Most times he's welcomed and they are playing immediately.  Anyway, so he sees this kid and takes his bucket and shovel to play with the little boy.  Everything was fine for a little bit but I could start to notice that the kid wasn't having Boston playing with him.  Boston would get the little kids shovel and start using it and the kid clearly wasn't into sharing.  So Boston would grab his own again. Then the kid ran over to his mom and noticed that Boston was using his (the kids) shovel again.  So the little boy ran over to Boston and said something to his face (really close)....well, I guess Boston didn't like what he said so he proceeded to BOP the little kid on the head with the shovel!!!  Gasp.  I couldn't believe my eyes!  I immediately started walking over there to them.  Then they proceed to grab each others shoulders to tackle one another!  I was horrified.  The kid ran off to his mom holding his head and I grabbed Boston and lead him to the kid and his mom to tell him sorry.  I was embarrassed and mortified that my Bossy would hit a big kid like that.  Nevertheless, we packed up our things headed over to the pool area for lunch and then to the room for a nap.  Clearly a nap was needed.

Here is the brawler having his first banana smoothie.
Delicious tuna sandwich.
A bath was in order before a nap.
It wasn't 3 minutes after his head hit the pillow that this happened.


Boca Raton - April 2014 - Day 1

Boca Raton, again!  But this time we took the bambino with us to make it a little more than a business trip for Jer.  He had a conference to attend and we tagged along like two leaches loving family members of his.  Really, all we wanted to do is have some fun in the sun, on the beach and at the pool.  

Who wouldn't pass that up?  Not these Cooks.

We left early Wednesday morning to the airport to catch our 10:30am flight.  Since Boston has travelled quite a bit in his short life he was pretty much a pro when it comes to airports, security lines and airplane rides.  
Plus, it doesn't hurt that we make sure to take all of his favorite movies for the plane ride.  These days its The Land Before Time and Ice Age.  We stuff some earbuds into his ears so his movies don't disturb other passengers.  
 While I indulged in my trashy magazines....
 the hubby worked on some crossword puzzle action.  Such a brainiac.
 He insisted on pulling his own suitcase.  So he did.  And perfectly.  I can't believe he's already big enough to carry his own backpack and pulling his own suitcase through the airport.  Sigh.
In the taxi, it's always really weird having him sit in regular seat and not in a car seat.  Freaks us out.  But he loves it.  Obviously.
 As soon as we got to the hotel it was almost 3pm and we were starving.  So we hit up the pools restaurant and got a bite to eat before daddy had to leave us to go register and the opening seminar.  It was bea-utiful out there.  Absolute perfect weather and scenery.  I'll cherish that moment forever.  Sitting out there with my little family enjoying it all.
The many faces of the Bos-man.

 He took this one picture and then said, "Enough pictures, mama!" HAHA.
 The obligatory shot of our view from our room.
As soon as daddy left for the seminar we loaded up our beach bag with some essentials and headed down to the pool for a little swimming before sunset.
It was a pretty perfect day and we still had 3 more days.  Short trip but we were determined to make the most of it.  Basically on the agenda: beach and pool and more beach and pool.  :)

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