Family Day at Fossil Rim

Spending a family day at Fossil Rim in Glen Rose, Texas was pretty much amazing.  Bossy loved every second.  The fact that he could ride in daddy's lap and help him drive our "SUV" as he calls it, was at the top of his list of awesome-ness.  Plus, feeding animals right out of his hands wasn't too shabby either.  Watching his excitement was worth the 3 hour drive through Fossil Rim!  Ha.

We went on a Saturday so it was PAA-cked!  Took us 3 whole hours to driving the whole thing.  At one point, we thought we were going to run out of gas.  We were sitting in line on a decline and I guess our gas tank couldn't detect the gas in the tank so it told us we had zero miles left of driving.  Freaked us out until we started driving again and the gas gauge went back up.  We totally started thinking of how we were going to get gas in our cars.  My first thought was to call my dad to bring some to us since they live only 30 minutes away.  Thankfully we didn't have to play out that thought.

Near the middle point of the park, there's a store and a petting zoo that you can get out of your car to go potty, eat, shop and pet the animals.  It's a nice "stretch your legs" break, too.

If you live near the DFW area, we highly recommend you visiting this park.  Although, the next time we go we'll be sure to go on a week day!


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