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Hello, people who read my beautiful wife’s blog.  I’m once again post-bombing (I’m stealing that, of course, from people who use the term “photo-bombing”) on the wife’s bloggy.  I’m writing to confirm what most of you already know – that Jennifer Cook is one of the most creative and inspiring craftswomen in the entire world.  Her absolute zeal for her blog and its constant updates that discuss our lives – particularly Boston’s progress in life – and her crafty work is neat to watch.  I hope you will agree with me that her blog is pleasantly diverse, but incredibly substantive and enjoyable to read.  As an attorney, I write professionally, and I could not imagine having to live up to the scrutiny of hundreds of readers.  The fact that my wife is so confident and courageous enough to put her talents out there for the world to see makes me one proud husband.  Kudos, babe, for your hard work on the blog.  

But let me also tell you about Jennifer as a wife and a mother.  As a wife, Jennifer is truly amazing.  She loves me a lot – and I mean a whole lot – and the fact that I know that means that she constantly proves it to me.  She puts up with my goofiness, occasional battitudes, forgetfulness, sometimes selfishness, can’t-dress-myself-ness, etc., and she always considers my needs and wants (not like that, people – or at least not ONLY like that).  As a litigator, my work is incredibly demanding and takes much time away from our relationship.  Yet, each time I return from a long day or a business trip, she lets me know how much I was missed and how much she couldn’t wait for me to return.  I’m thankful that she lets me pursue my dream and career, at a sacrifice to our marriage.  Funny side of things - she’s told me a time or two that if she had her druthers, we would just sit and stare at each other all day.  She kids, of course, but the sentiment is real.  She loves me and shows me that she does, and that is more valuable than anything in my life – hands down.  Babe, thank you for loving me.  Being your husband is THE pleasure of my life.

As a mother, Jennifer rocks out.  Her love and concern for Boston is vividly apparent.  Her every thought and action includes some consideration for his wellbeing and his future.  They, too, are best friends.  He has more than he needs and most of the things that he wants.  He has the enormous benefit of having a mother who is vigilant in her supervision of him, but trusting enough to let him explore so that he develops independence and bravery.  He is as strong as an ox and, aside from the occasional cold, he’s very healthy.  The credit for that goes 100% to Jennifer.  Before she was even pregnant with him, she cut out caffeine and all other things unhealthy for babies, and she kept that up until well after he had stopped breast-feeding.  The sacrifices I’ve witnessed on her part for my son are nothing short of awe-inspiring.  If only every mother cared about her children as much as Jennifer does Boston, this world would be infinitely better.  I’m just glad I have a front row seat to the most beautiful relationship between a mother and her child. 

I often wonder why I am so very lucky, blessed and fortunate to have Jennifer as my wife and my son’s mother.  I’ve not figured that out, and perhaps I never will.  But, one thing is true, each holiday like today, when I’m forced to consider my relationship with Jennifer, I am once again reminded with perfect clarity that lucky, blessed and fortunate am I. 

Thank you, Jennifer, for making my life so incredible.  I only hope I am able to reciprocate and make yours at least some respectable fraction of the incredibleness you bestow upon me.  I know you hate the cliche flowers, cards, chocolates, etc., and that you love gifts from the heart, maybe as much as you love this blog.  So, once again, my gift in honor of you is a blog post.  I hope you like it. 

Happy 18th Valentine’s Day. 

Always and Forever,



Amy said...

Aww, this is so sweet!! Happy Valentines Day!

Kristin Ackerman @ the Ackerman three said...

That was fantastic :)

Andrea {blonde ambitions} said...

What a wonderful post!!! Happy Valentine's Day to you both!!

Ashley @ LocalPostcards said...

This is the greatest Valentine's Day post that I've read so far- absolutely beautiful! A memory not only you will be able to cherish for a lifetime, but one that your son will be able to look back at too!

Happy Valentine's Day to all three of you!!

send gifts to pakistan said...

Happy Valentine's Day to you both!!That was fantastic :)

Tiffany @ Austin Family Diary said...

So sweet! Love that he called it "post-bombing" haha

Amy @ Not Your Average Baby Blog said...

aawww *tears* so sweet! love this!! sweet husbands are the best!!

John Smith said...

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