in love with our Closet

We can now say our closet is complete and, we love it!  It's so warm and cozy and FULL.  I had no idea how much stuff we I had.  I take up about 90% of the closet.  Poor Jer only has a rod and a half worth of clothes.  Although I have to say, in my defense, he never lets me buy things for him.  :)  The one and only bad thing in re-organizing our closet is Jer has put me on a spending freeze for clothes and shoes.  We loaded 20-30 pairs of shoes that I no longer wear or want into a box, and the remaining shoes still barely fit on our new expansion of my shoe shelves he built.  Eeekk.  Anyway, did I say how much we love the way our new closet is organized?!  Well, we do!  :)  Last night we were in awww.  We had a vision, I drew it up and he built it.  It's nice to have such a smart and crafty husband.  We work well together.  :-)  Now, on to the before, during and afters.
BEFORE (when our closet seasonal rod fell one day)
more shoe shelving
adding clothing cubbies 
chandelier I found on Craigslist for 25 bucks!  it was a tarnished green color with lamp shades in great condition.  we painted it with our favorite Rustoleum brown.
we used Home Depot's Fossil Grey paint - color matched with Behr paint 
and, of course, we had to have some play time with our main man 
I painted and Jer caulked.
those cabinets on the floor will hold our "dirty clothes"
our chandelier!  Its what makes the closet feel cozy. 
up close picture of our paint color. 

We love our closet but we are sooo glad this project is done!  However, we have many more projects coming.  Hopefully they won't take as long as this one did.  :)

What do you guys think?

Happy closet living, 

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Anonymous said...

Nice work guys!! I love it!


Candy said...

Looks great! Jeremy is quite the handyman!

Mariah said...

I'm jealous of your FANTASTIC and HUGE closet! Great job, and you are right the chandelier is the perfect touch.

Agdmeredith said...

Looks amazing... So jealous.

Colleen said...

That looks awesome! I love all the space you have for shoes and boots.

THE COOK'S said...

Thank you, Colleen!! That was my favorite part, new shoe space!! :-)

shannonallsworth said...

Wow! I'm turning green. How tall is it in there?

Well done.

THE COOK'S said...

I think we have 10 foot ceilings down stairs. :) Thanks so much!!!

Claire said...

I'm your newest linky follower from TDC-stop by for a visit!

Jenny Melrose said...

Your closet is amazing! I found you through the link party at iheart organizing. I'm hosting a bloglovin blog hop at www.thenymelrosefamily.blogspot.com/2012/02/bloglovin-blog-hop.html and I'd love it if you linked up.

Jeanette Murray said...

I am so jealous of your closet! It's beautiful, and good find on the lighting fixture!

THE COOK'S said...

Hi, Claire!!! Thanks for being a new follower! :) I'll definitely be stopping by your blog!

Jenny - You are too kind! Thank you. :) I'll stop by your blog to hopefully join the blog hop!! Sounds so fun!

Jeanette - thanks so much!! We adore the light fixture. It's definitely my favorite room in the house! :)

Lucy said...

Looks awesome! Love the dirty clothes hamper idea. You should invest in nice wood hangers that all match. It will change the look even more!

Laurie @ Rookiewife520.blogspot.com said...

love it! looks awesome! I really needed to come up with some creative ideas on how to store shoes and I love the simple idea of just creating shelving. DUH!

Unknown said...

Your closet work and design is beautiful! Please tell me where you found those wonderful corner mounting brackets that hold your closet rods.

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