Navy Turns 11 Months

Recap of your month:
- you were dedicated to the Lord!!  And did amazing.
- you are trying to say Dada.  And dada loves hearing you try.
- you buckles fascinate you
- you're pretty rough with your toys.  ha
- you have really strong arms
- you love to rock back and forth when listening to music.  That's your way of dancing.
- you love to eat meat
- you are crawling all over the house
- you still take 3 naps a day
- you love to shake your toys
- you to into your swing for the first time and LOVED it.  There were lots of giggles.
- your 3rd tooth is about to pop out (top left front tooth)
- you're a great sleeper and napper

We had another awesome month with you.  We are thrilled that we get to spend our days with you to watch you grow and learn.  We know you're gonna be an amazing little guy.

We'll love you forever,
Mama, Dada and Bossy

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