Advent Calendar - 2012

I decided a few weeks ago that this would be the year that we make Boston's 1st Advent Calendar.  I started looking on Pinterest and couldn't find something that I really liked.  I wanted something simple, kinda boyish and cheap.  

I looked around and found that I had everything to make one with.  

Here's the rundown of everything I used:
- the envelopes are from his birthday invitations (I cut each end of the envelope)
- the numbers I printed out (I used the technique that I used when I made his DIY toddler height ruler)
- the washi tape I already had
- the mini clothespins were also leftover from Boston's birthday cupcakes (I had to buy another package    since I was short 12 clothespins)
- the magnets were new even though I already had a few on hand.  
- the blue glittery snowflakes are ornaments from our Christmas tree.
in total....I spent less than $4. 
My cousin, Marisa (one of the coolest chicks I know), and I attached the washi tape onto the envelopes.  Then I traced and colored the numbers onto the envelopes for the days.  
The clothespins were hot glued onto the magnets.  Then I painted the tops of the clothespins blue with some acrylic paint.
As for the activities, I measured my envelopes and made little cards with a black border (using MS Word) and typed each activity in the middle so that they would fit the envelopes but stick out a little on the top for B to easily pull out.

Here she is in all her glory!

I love it, Jer loves it and more importantly Boston loves it.  It sits on a little table right at the bottom of our stairs so as he's coming down he can see it and go directly to it to see what the activity of the day will be!


Sarah Kil said...

Super cute!! I'm making my advent calendar with my kids today... even though it's 4 days late! :)

Amy @ Not Your Average Baby Blog said...

When I saw this on Twitter I had NO doubt that I would love it. Awesome!

The Sweetest Thing said...

this is awesome! would it be weird for me to have one? haha!

Megan @ Two Live Colorfully said...

This is fantastic! I've been looking for a nice advent calendar and this one is so cute! Simple and adorable!

Stopping by from the blog party!

Danielle Faith said...

wow that is way cool!


Danielle Faith

Danielle Faith said...

wow that is way cool!


Danielle Faith

Michelle said...

This is adorable! You did a great job :) I so wanted to make an advent calendar this year but its just me and my boyfriend so I thought that might have been a little indulgent!

ournextgreatadventure said...

Looks great! I also love that it was so inexpensive.

FlyAwayHome said...

This is so cute. Wish I would have seen something like this before making mine. You can see mine here:
I am realizing mine cost soooo much to fill and yours is a much better idea anyway... spending time instead of gifts. Love it!

Jennifer Hicks said...

This is really cute, great activities too. I'm stopping by from the GFC Blog Hop. I'm not a GFC follower as well as a twitter follower. Please stop by and check out my blog (and follow too).


Mason's Mama said...

You are so crafty!

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