Navy Turns 13 Months!

Dear Navy,

We are so proud of you.  Proud of the little guy that you've become.  You are so kind and sensitive and we love it so much.  Every day is so fun with you and we love getting to watch you grow.  You've grown a lot in a year.  We'll look back on photos from this time last year and you were just a tiny little fella.  This year you look like a giant.  :)  We are so excited to see how much you evolve in the coming months.
- you went to your 1 year checkup on October 19th and you weighed 20.14 lbs and you were 30.5 inches long!
- you had your 1st birthday party on October 17th
- on your birthday we noticed that you were allergic to eggs or milk
- you had to get blood drawn for an allergy test
- on October 26th we found out you were "extremely" allergic to peanuts, egg whites, almonds, cashews and dogs.  And slightly allergic to milk, wheat and soy
- you love to swing on your swing on our back patio
- you're very sensitive and sweet
- you are about to be in a size 4 shoe
- you wear all of your brothers clothes and shoes
- you love to open cabinet doors
- you love Jets water and food bowl
- you love to take baths and splash the water
- you will mimic a coughing noise if you hear one.  It's so cute!
- VERY much a mama's boy
- you aren't taking to cows milk just yet
- you walked with your walker for the first time November 12th but wasn't able to get it on video

We will love you forever,
Mama, Dada and Boston

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