Mantle - Christmas 2012

So this years mantle is a little bit of the same as last year.  Balls in a glass jar, the same stockings with the same trees standing by the fireplace.  

The two new things: my homemade glitter star and a wreathe that I threw together (thanks for hanging it Jer) with a too tiny-of-a-bow.  But it works.  :)

I'm loving the simple-ness and bright-ness of it all.
 For the wreathe, I added a few ornaments that we have on our tree to it.  So that it would match the tree.
 I love these two little trees.  We've had them for several years and we got them for $10 each.  Next year when we put a tree in Boston's room, one of them will be his.  :)
 The homemade start.  I'll be writing a short tutorial (post) on how to make it this week.  I love how non-uniformed it turned out.  It goes well with all the gold going on on the tree.
 Easiest decore ever.  Throwing balls into a glass jar.  Cute and simple.  My kind of decorating.
 Oh the stockings....you notice that mine and Jers are small.  Well they are only for decorations.  We have HUGE red and white stockings that we break out on Christmas Eve when we start filling them.

We are MEGA Christmas-stocking-givers.  Sometimes I would prefer stocking stuffers (my mom gives the best stocking stuffers) over regular gifts.  And since we fill them to the brim, my cute little J-O-Y stocking holders can't hang with the weight of them.  So we use these small ones for decor only.
 Bostons stocking is ginormous.  I love it so much.  I love being able to stuff tons of stuff in there for him.  And as a reminder: I got it for 10 bucks from Pottery Barn during their after Christmas sale the year before last (when B was only 2 months old).  And yes, I even got another one for a future child!
We had to move some things around since the Christmas tree is now where our chairs and Boston's play table was.  The chairs are now next to the tv and Boston's table is now near our buffet table near the front door.  
 The whole living room.  Tree and mantle.  Love it all.


Amy said...

Very pretty! It looks great!

SarahJane Miller said...

Wow, I love everything about it!! The colors all tie in really well together and I love the gold additions. Seriously, so beautiful!

Teresa said...

ahhh I love it! so pretty!(:

la petite lulu said...

Your Christmas mantle looks great - very clean and simple but so effective! Happy to be your newest follower, I found your blog via Not Your Average Baby Blog :)

Kelly Ann said...

Oh my goodness, so pretty! I love all of the clean lines with the pops of color, well done!

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