The Big Two-Six For The B-Man

Woah, we're already at 26 months!  

These months are getting faster and faster but more fun each day.

A Few Highlights
- you constantly say "peas" please for everything.  It's the cutest thing ever.
- you are constantly talking about Goofy, Donald Duck, Mi Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Daisy Duck and Pluto.
- we got to take the baby gates down from the stairs.  you can walk up and down the stairs with no problems at all.  
- you know most of your LOWERCASE alphabet (all of about 4 letters we're still working on)!!  (I'll post later about how he learned them)
- you're a pro on the iPad.  you have your own little folder named BOSTON with all of your toddler apps.  
- you LOVE your truck book.  you have memorized all of them and say them often when we see one while we are driving.  Like the other day we were driving around some construction and you yelled out, "backhoe, backhoe!!"  Made us laugh.  
- you like to get on the barstools to watch mommy cook.
- you are a huge meat eater and love coleslaw.
- you say "BOO!" to everyone and everything.  
- you are a rough houser.  Total boy.
- when you give Jet a kiss you always say, "awww!" because that's what we say when we see you kiss him.  ha
- you got an unwanted haircut this month (the day after Thanksgiving).  Your Abby (grandma) decided that she would go ahead and cut your hair while me and daddy were out having a date day!!!  I couldn't believe it.  I was in utter shock because she is NOT a hair stylist nor does she know the first thing about cutting hair.  I noticed immediately and a few days later I asked her about it and she said she cut your hair!!  ha.  Your Abby is a mess. :)  So, nonetheless, we had to give you a trim so your hair is in the growing phase these days.
- you love to say, "I did it! and I found it!"
- you are 36 1/2 inches tall.
- and you still love to JUMP! :)

Loved for Eternity,
Mommy and Daddy


Hailey said...

i love the ruler!!

Celeste said...

What a fun post! He is absolutely precious...love his little tie!

Mason's Mama said...

So precious!!

Did you make that growth chart? This is on my list of things to do soon!

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