In honor of our baby boy turning 2, we had another big birthday bash with all of our family and friends.  4 words: this guy is loved!  We were amazed that our friends and family love him so much that they all came out despite the ugly weather that day.  :)

Choosing the theme was a no brainer.  Airplanes.  Airplanes have been one of Boston's longest loves.  Before he even turned one, he was pointing at airplanes and was completely fascinated by them.  

To achieve this airplane party, I turned to pinterest, google and etsy for some ideas.  

Throughout the year we continued to take his monthly pictures on the same chair that we did his first year.  And we displayed them like we did last year....with our homemade clothes pin stand.  This time, it wasn't red.  Instead we painted it orange to match the party colors: baby blue and orange.
Our Baggage Claim (favors) table with Boston's monthly photos.
These boxes were used to look like suitcases.  I stuffed our favors in them: fruit snacks and a toy airplane.
We again had some bracelets made that said "Boston's 2nd Birthday."
We had two party tables.  Table #1 was our cake/cereal bar/cupcake table with a Boston Airlines banner. 
Each of the labels I made using MS Word.
The napkins were leftovers from last year (where I ordered over 200 so I'll be using these napkins for many years to come since we only use about 50 each year) and the spoons were wooden and I added some washi tape that matched the party colors to the ends.
His cake was amazing!!!  It matched his invitations.
These cupcakes I made that morning using 4oz mason jars.  You bake them right inside the mason jar.  They were so easy!  I got popsicle sticks and glued some mini clothes pins (from walmart) onto them to hold the cupcake labels.
Red velvet and vanilla cupcakes with cream cheese icing.
Table #2 "First Class Dining": food and fruit with a Happy Birthday banner.
My dear sweet friend scored us some airline clear containers to serve our food in (similar to how you would receive your food on an airplane) and sealed them with a label.

We served Spring Creek chopped BBQ sandwiches, chips, M&M's and fruit for the adults. 
For the children, we served them airplane PB&J sandwiches, chips, fruit and cookies.
The fruit was placed in Burpee Seed Starter Kits lined with parchment paper and orange satin ribbon tied around it.
And, of course, we had to have the obligatory peanuts for our first class passengers.
Boston's smash cake.  Identical to his big cake.  :)

Since the rain caused our party to go from outside in the backyard to inside our dining room, we put the "runway" tables on our back patio.  And in doing that, our craft paper ended up crinkling.  But you get the idea.  How did we make our runway?  Wrapped the tables with craft paper and used white duct tape for the lines for the runway.
Like last year, we used our homemade photo booth for pictures of us and our guests.
My homemade photo booth props made out of card stock.

The sign on our door wilted due to the rainy/humid weather.  And Boston loved all of the "new to him" cereal on his table.  Ha.

He even got'em a few bites of some red velvet cupcake with daddy's help.  Funny story, we ended up catching him digging in to a cupcake with a spoon right off of his cake table.  No telling how many cupcakes he dipped his spoon into.  Ooops.  :)

He loved being out in the rain.  He got nice and wet at one point.
Here's my "too good husband to me" giving another speech (like he did last year) thanking our guests for coming and thanking me, then presenting me with a gift.  My very own iPad.  :))  

Smash cake and Happy Birthday singing time.
He wasn't having anything to do with his smash cake.  He must have had too many "sweets" already.  

As for the activities for the kiddos: we had a table with lots of beads for the girls to make bracelets with and wooden airplanes for the boys to paint.  Both activities were a HIT even with the main man of the hour!

Our yard sign (from last year).
This little boy is extremely blessed.  We are so grateful for everyone that came out to celebrate the birth of our pride and joy!!!  

Here's a small birthday video from that evening.  Our friends crack us up.  Even the videographer.  Ha.

*Photo booth photos of our family and friends to come in a later post.  :)*


Veronica Lee Burns said...

Oh my word! What an incredible birthday!

Amy said...

Wow! What an awesome birthday party!

Hailey said...

oh my gosh! you did an awesome job! love all the little details!!!

estetik said...

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Hannah/ Mommarazzi said...

What an awesome party! happy belated birthday to your little one :)

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