The Good Ol' Glucose Test

Confession: I've not been so good about updating this blog/memory journal throughout this pregnancy.  Life of a wife, mom and a small business owner can surely do that to you.  :) 

However,  I have managed to write everything down.  So very soon I'll be "back-dating" everything so that I can have it for our memory book when I make this years blog posts into a book!

Okay, so, let's get on to talking about good ol' glucose.  

Last Thursday at 24 weeks and 5 days I had an OB appointment scheduled.  It was a regular OB appointment where they took my pee, checked my blood pressure and listened to the baby's heartbeat.  Plus....a glucose test to check for gestational diabetes.  What you do is, drink this not so yummy sugary drink within 5 minutes, sit in the doctors waiting room for an hour, go back in and have blood taken.  They took 2 viles of blood.  One to check my blood sugar (the glucose test portion) and one to check for anemia for any iron deficiency.  Then you wait a few days for the results.

Well those few days ended today when my doctors nurse called to inform me that I had PASSED my glucose test.  Praise God.  If you know me, then you know I'm always a nervous nelly.  Over the weekend, I had even convinced myself that I had gestational diabetes.  Yup, after reading Mr. Google I was convinced I had it and started freaking myself out.  So to hear that my levels were normal was music to my ears.  

However, she did mention that my iron was a tad bit low and that my doctor wanted me to take an iron pill each day.  It's a bummer but I'll definitely take that over gestational diabetes. 

Now here's to praying that I don't develop preeclampsia, again!  


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