Date Night

We are always so thankful that we have amazing grandparents to our baby boys.  Every so often they will come spend the night with us so that Jer and I can get some alone one-on-one time.  And every time we have an awesome dinner with great conversation.  Mainly about the boys and our business, which is like our third baby.  That's when we get the most business strategy done when we don't have a baby to feed or a toddler to handle.

This time we chose to go to Del Frisco's Grille.  And gosh darn was it delicious.  So delicious I'm boring you with food pictures.  :)  Everything taste perfect and, of course, I ate way too much.  Totally went of the diet.  But that tends to happen a lot.

After dinner, we decided to just sit there and enjoy the peacefulness of it all.  So instead of going and doing anything else, we stayed right there and sipped on our adult beverages!  Yes, we had some alcohol.  I know, I couldn't believe it either.  It had been over 20 months.  I just knew that I'd have to pump and dump, but then some of my lovely mama instagram followers informed me that there would be no need to do that if I wasn't feeling "wasted" by the time I started to feed/pump.  Love that instagram community.  I learn so much from other mamas.  So, I got to keep my "gold" milk as we call it around here.  But isn't that what everyone calls it?!

Anyway, until next time....


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