Watching Airplanes

Jer has always loved airplanes.  In fact, he either wanted to be a pilot or attorney.  Well, one of them have been checked off the list of 2.  And secretly, I think he hopes Boston becomes a pilot.  Mama on the other hand isn't too sure about that idea.  While I love airplanes and flying in them, I think a job on the ground would be more in my comfort zone for our little man.

While Jer was in the Coast Guard many many years ago he worked on the falcon jets.  So while he was in law school, his love for airplanes and working on them fueled his fire to become an aviation attorney.  Anyway.....not that you needed to know all of that....but it does explain why theses boys' new hobby is going to our local small airfield and watching airplanes land and take-off.

I was lucky enough to get to go on one of those outings and like true momma fashion I documented it.  Oh and Jer documents sometimes on his instagram @jeremyc95.

What's hilarious is when these little 2-3 seater airplane engines are running and about to take-off Boston thinks the sound of their engines is hilarious.  So he giggles and giggles.  Its the cutest sound ever.  I think more and more he's loving airplanes.  He's the first to spot airplanes and tell us that they are, "going to land at the airport."  :)

Maybe I'll get invited to another "airplane watching event" with these two again.  But if not, I'll surely let them enjoy their time together and making memories time.



Amy said...

So cute! Jackson is starting spot airplanes now. He loves seeing them.

Leah said...

Such fun for the two of them!! :)

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