Passport For The Little Man

It's planned!  

Our next family vacation has been planned.  And we are EX-cited!!!!  This year we have decided to go out of the country to Mexico.  Puerto Vallarta to be exact.  Which means Bossy needed a passport.  His very first passport.  And with every first we had to document it.  

Before we could apply for the passport we had to get his picture taken.  So we headed over to our local Walgreens to get little mans picture taken.  

He did awesome!  Like a pro.  
Daddy fixing him up and getting him all set for his picture.  While I....well, you know.  Got ready for a mommarazzi moment.
That day we had plans so we weren't able to go to the courthouse to apply for the passport so we went a couple of days later.  
We've taught him to always press elevator buttons with his knuckles.  :)
The Southlake courthouse.
A few days later, we realized that dada need to re-new his passport so we went back to the courthouse. He'd kill me if he knew I put this picture on here.  Ha.
We are so excited for this trip and for Boston's first passport!  More on the trip later.  :)


1 comment:

Mallorie said...

How cute is he {boston!} ;-) Can't wait to see the official picture! And what a fun vacay you have planned!

LOVE the Southlake courthouse :-) that's where we got our marriage license and then got married! Hey eloping!!! ;-)

I also did a few hours of teen court there as a high school student to get out of a ticket ;-) haha! Lots of memories!

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