Adding A Little Island Beadboard

 Operation Get-Ready-For-Boston's-Birthday-Party: island beadboard. 

As you know by now, we are in full swing of party preparation around these parts.  So to keep with the theme, here's another project we tackled two weekends ago.

The addition of some character to our kitchen island walls aka beadboard.  It's been something that I'd seen and really liked.  I didn't want to paint our island so we added some texture with lines from beadboard.

Heads up: excuse the messy kitchen.  we had multiple projects going on at once that weekend.  the kitchen got trashed in the process.  :)

Here she is plain jane.
Jer used his big saw to cut the beadboard down to fit the height of the island then used and nailed it down.
See that gap on the corner of the island where he nailed the beadboard?  That's how crooked that little wall is.  Thankfully we put a corner piece to hide that little space.
Looking exactly how I pictured it would look.  Except, we still had to caulk and paint it all so that it all looked like one big sheet of beadboard.
He used his exacto knife and cut a rectangle for the electrical outlet.
My man at work.
A post wouldn't be a post without a picture of our little man.  When he sees a camera lately, he stops, bends down and smiles.  HA!  Such a ham.
Oh and one more.  Jer shot this one.  He said he loved the walking/action shot of Boston.  :)
And here she is.  All done and beautimess.

It's a small but very noticeable project that we are impressed with.  Someday, we'll add some decorative wood corbels or something similar underneath.  Until then, we love it exactly how it is.

Next up....some new shelving for the kitchen nook/living room.


Amy said...

It looks great Jennifer!!

Hailey said...

i love it! great job! and i agree about the walking/action pics!

Vicki said...

Wow! Great job! It looks fantastic!

SarahJane Miller said...

You definitely have a handy man hubby! That looks fabulous!! You made it seem like it was really easy.. I love the look!

Julie Rogers said...

I think it looks AWESOME!!! I bet you are SO happy:)


Tiffany @ Austin Family Diary said...

Such a nice little detail to the island!

Mallorie said...

BEAUTIFUL! When my parents come visit in a few months this is one of my "projects for dad" :-) He's also doing my backsplash in beadboard too! Can't wait! Yours is making me wish it was already done!

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