Missed him A LOT

First, I have to say...I LOVE being a mommy to Boston! :) We are blessed to have this little guy. Because I now stay at home, Boston and I are together 24/7, which is okay with me because I love being around him and taking care of him. If I leave the room from him to take a shower or do some housework I miss him. But yesterday, I had to go to the grocery store and decided not to take him with me because I could do my shopping quicker alone. So I fed him and put him to sleep and left him alone with Jer. Which come to think, was Jer's first time completely alone with him. But I have to admit, I was a little scared to be out by myself with him. Everytime we have ever been out and about Jer has been with me. I know I'm eventually going to have to be out alone with him but I'm still too nervous. While I was gone for that hour and a half I missed him A LOT! I was ready to get home and hold him but he was sound asleep and I didn't want to wake him up. I never imagined how much I would miss him but he IS the second love of my life. :)

Yesterday was also the first time I used my Baby K'Tan sling as we walked through Buy Buy Baby. He loved it. He slept so peacefully snuggled up to my chest. At one point, I looked inside the sling and noticed that he had found his thumb! That's right, he was sucking his thumb. It was so cute. :) However, I hope that doesn't become a habit because I really don't want a thumb-sucker. While we were at Buy Buy Baby we picked up our nursery chair that had arrived the day before. We had been anxiously waiting for it since a few days before Boston was born. In fact, the day after I was admitted into the hospital we ordered it since we knew we would need it before his original due date in November. Before we left BBBaby they opened the box up to let us look at it to make sure it was what we had ordered. It was perfect - exactly what we had wanted. It's called a Story Time Best Chair and is chocolate brown with chocolate brown cording. It is a glider/reclinder that also swivels, which is what we were looking for. Most nursery chairs only glide or only swivel, but we wanted it to do both AND recline, so that during late night feedings we can recline back to put him to sleep. For now, it'll be in our room next to Boston's bassinett until we decide it's time for Boston to start sleeping in his crib. At that point, we'll move the chair up to his nursery.

Me with Boston in the sling

Love our new chair


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