A Few Things About Mr. Cook

I'm so incredibly proud of this man.  My husband and my baby daddy.  The one and only for me.  He's our everything.  Our rock.  And he does it all so well.

After almost 17 years of being together and 7 years of marriage and 3 years of blogging....I'm finally going to talk about my better half.  I think its about time.  Time for me to talk about him and him only.  He's talked about me here and here.  So it's time for me to talk about him.  One full post dedicated to him and him only.

There's a lot to say about him.

And its very important to write it in its raw form, as much as possible, for my children to one day read.  Some day they will have chance to read this blog and read about their daddy through their mommas eyes from 2013.  I want them to know in full detail about how their momma thought about their daddy in case something ever happened to me.

Beware it could get a little mushy!

There's 4 words that can sum up Jer: one of a kind.

- There's something about him that is unique and amazing.  He's got the best qualities that I would ever want in a man/life partner/baby daddy.  And those qualities are perfect for me.  He's the one that friends and family call on for advice whether its about relationships/marriage, job related or any type of law issue.  He's there to help them without hesitation and open arms.  It's crazy the amount of "secrets" that he knows about our friends who lean on him and trust in him to tell him what may be happening in their lives and what they need advice about.  But if anyone can give great non-judgmental advice its Jer.  It's one of the things that I was so drawn to him for.  Trust and security.  

- He's got the biggest heart, so compassionate and kind.  He's the kind that won't even kill a spider because he'd rather scoop it up to take it outside so that it can live.  

- He's the most honest person I have ever known.  Something that is so valuable.  Not only to me but to our children.

- He is very sensitive.  He's the kind that is quick to give sympathy than being that tough guy.  There's nothing wrong with being tough but I'd much rather prefer the more sympathetic spouse.  One that gives Grace first.

- He never puts himself first.  He always puts everyone (me and B mostly) before himself, always.  He is SWAMPED at work right now but instead he spent a whole weekend (a weekend that he needed to have worked since Boston was away at the grandparents) helping me with my sewing (cutting out my patterns) and never even opened his computer to work.  He'd do anything to make me happy even if it means that his week was going to be even that much more stressful.  I love that he makes us feel important and loved.

- I love that he is such a hands on daddy.  We work best as a team.  And I think Boston appreciates that.  I remember when Boston was a newborn, he used to get up with me just about every time I got up with Boston for feedings.  He would change his diaper and then I would put Boston on the boob and feed.  :)  And before he would go back to sleep, he would make sure I had water or anything I needed in the middle of the night even though he had to get up for work that next morning.  Its all a part of him putting others (me) first.  And yes, there were many times I would tell him not to worry about anything and to get his sleep.  But at the same time, I think he liked being able to help out.  It's just him being him.  :)

- He's intelligent.  There's something about an intelligent man that is a turn on.  :)  And with that intelligence, he can fix anything.  I mean anything.  An awesome handy man.  Oh and did I mention he's a perfectionist?  He is.  So when he fixes something or works on something it ends up perfect.  Hopefully Boston will get that trait.

- He's pretty darn hilarious.  Makes me belly laugh hysterically.  He's loves to humor us and act goofy.  Basically he's a big kid and fun to live with.  :)

- He's a Godly man.  My most favorite thing about him.  Its important for him to show B how to be a Godly man/husband/father.

- He has an amazing work ethic/makes being an attorney look easy.  A year and a half ago (I wrote about back when), he moved to a new law firm in Dallas.  He had been at the previous firm for almost 6 years.  It was his first job right out of law school and loved the aviation work.  Crazy enough, he had just been promoted to "partner" at that firm.  But then changed firms.  At this new firm he has excelled.  Excelled so much that a year and a half later (January of this year) he was promoted to "partner/shareholder!"  Now that probably doesn't sound all that amazing but it actually is.  It's uncommon/mostly unheard of that an attorney makes partner of a firm before they hit their 5 year mark.  I'm amazed at how great he is at his job.  And I know that he'll be such an amazing inspiration/role model for our children.  And it truly fills my heart with gratefulness.

I love that God knew what he was doing when he put Jer in my life.  He always does.  :)  And I'm so very thankful for that.

So Boston and future children, you would will be beyond blessed to have a father like him.  And I can't wait for you to experience the life I have with him too.  I know he will make you proud/comforted/safe to have him as a father.


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Lindsay said...

If you had said accountant and not attorney, I'd swear you were describing my husband to a T! Sounds like you're definitely lucky and he is a wonderful man, husband and father! <3

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