Fort Boston

We hunkered down in Fort Boston....or should I say Boston did.  

We finally after wanting to do it for almost a year made him a little fort.  I gathered some dining room chairs and our big couch blanket and whalla is became a perfect for B to walk under and play.  He played in it for a good hour.  It was joyful!  
His favorite thing to do was to get under the blanket behind this chair and to drop his trucks onto the chair/pillow.  He did that for what seemed hours.
He would go back and forth from dropping them to gathering them to do it again.  Whatever keeps him happy, huh?
I loved that he was having fun and content while I was able to watch him from the kitchen.  Where I am 80% of the days it feels like.  :)
Then it was time to crash and burn it.  His inner boy set in.  It was more fun/cool to tear it down over and over.
He would plow over the chair bringing the whole thing down.
And then there was chair climbing.
But he had fun and that's all that really matters.  Fort Boston has made its way back almost weekly now.  If only I could get him to keep it up and not destroy it.  :)



Becca Moss said...

This is adorable, it's the little things (:

Sarah at Midwest Pillowtalk said...

so sweet! it looks like he enjoyed every minute!

Callie Nicole said...

How fun!

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