The Woman Of My Dreams

Hello, people who follow my beautiful wife's blog.  I hope you are having a wonderful Valentine's Day.

For the avid followers, you know that I have not posted in quite some time.  In point of fact, I am not as enthusiastic as Jennifer is about blogging (reading and posting) or as much as I probably should be.  It is, however, Jennifer's passion.  She loves it dearly and has really become very skilled at it.  As with most everything else, she has impressed me with her ability to format our blog, dream up interesting things about which to write and produce a product that is enjoyable to most.  So, when I thought about what I might give her for Valentine's Day, I thought one good gift might be a post about her and how much she is invaluable to me and Bos-Bos.

As you see from her frequent posts, Jennifer has been on a tear lately re-decorating our home, updating picture frames with new photographs, painting various pieces of furniture (including stuff we already had and used stuff she's bought at huge discounts), and just generally sprucing up the place.  When I come home each day and see something new or different, I am reminded that she is so talented.  More importantly, I am pleased to see that she still has a true love for the home we share - which is actually in some ways a really big deal.  It shows me that her love for our marriage, our son, and our space that we jointly occupy for the majority of our lives is strong.  That then tells me that she still loves me and takes pride in what we have acquired together.  Thus, I hope she continues to pursue her creative ideas and dreams.  I will do my very best to be as supportive as possible along the way.

Most of you also know that Jennifer has a love for our son that is next to none and above all.  More than that, she acts on her love.  Since Boston's birth, Jennifer has continued to reveal to me that she is the most natural mother in the world.  In everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, she does, she gives due consideration to how it will impact Boston's health, welfare and future.  Perhaps it's cliche to say, but it is truly amazing to bear witness to her mothering my son.  Given her strength and desire for nothing but the best for and from him, I predict that the two of them will butt heads a few times along the way when he seeks to act more independently than she is prepared to allow, but there is no doubt in my mind that he will know her infinite and unconditional love for his entire life - an incredible gift I have from my own mother, so I know how valuable that will be.  I look forward to the journey with them.   Like Jennifer, I already dread the day when he's ready to leave the house.  One thing is for sure. I'm a better father to Boston, because of Jennifer.   That's an understatement.  Period.  She's led me to see the importance of every action I take and word I speak in his presence and outside of it.  I feel confident that by accepting her wisdom I am on the path to a lifetime during which my son will love me without exception.  For that, I love her even more, if that's possible.

Thank you all for reading my wife's blog.  It means a lot to her, and, therefore, to me.  I sincerely hope you feel the depth of love and admiration that I do for her.

In honor of her, I'll end with... i'm t.r.u.l.y. b.l.e.s.s.e.d.

Happy Valentine's Day.


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