17 Months....Incredible!

**We finally updated our letters for months 14, 15 and 16.  Go us... go us (imagine us doing the cabbage patch)!**

Dear Boston,

      We want you to know that we continue to be so very proud of you and who you are becoming.  You are a cool baby boy, with a wonderful spirit and a brilliant mind.  You have learned so much in the past month.  You seem to thrive when being tested for your knowledge.  That's really neat to watch.  One of our favorite things is when we ask you where Jesus is and you point to either the cross on your nightstand or the crosses near our staircase.   We have also come to enjoy praying at each meal and when we put you down for bedtime.  This is a habit we hope you will develop and use for the rest of your life.  It'll serve you well.

      During this past month, your personality has become so complex and multi-faceted.  You can be so sweet, calm, content and lovable at times.  You will give kisses to us and not turn away like you used to, and you continue to love on Jet pretty much anytime he comes near you.  We love those moments with you.  But, we wouldn't be being honest if we didn't mention your new behavior.  At times, you seem to experience real anger, especially when you don't get exactly what you want - e.g., when you are put down and you want to be held, when a remote control or another object is taken from you, or when you are forced to come back inside from the back porch.  You have learned to scream a single, solid blast of "Aaaa!" right toward us when you want to let us know you are unhappy with something we are doing or that we have said to you, e.g, when you are told you are not supposed to throw your food down on the floor.  But, don't take this too badly.  We are certain that you know exactly what you are doing, and you are merely testing us to see if we'll step up and be your parents and take control of the situation.  Rest assured, it's happening.  The best part is, when we catch you screaming like that and we look you in the eye and calmly and softly say to you, "Boston, you don't do that, you need to be nice to Momma and Da-Da," you either respond in a soft voice with a sound that let's us know you are sorry or you attempt to change the subject by pointing at something and yelling, "wasdat." [Read:  What's that?].  Bottom line:  you know right from wrong and we are going to keep reminding you of it until you no longer find it necessary to scream at us.  As we've mentioned in past letters to you, we look forward to when you learn how to talk to us so we can communicate specifically with you.  That should cure the frustration, on both sides of the house.

     As for your other activities/accomplishments:  

*  You started putting your finger in your nose.  Ha.
*  You started watching Mickey Mouse during breakfast (we still only listen to music all day except certain days when you watch your Baby Einstein).
*  You can identify and point to letters A-H and numbers 1-3.
* You love to turn light switches on and off.
*  You learned another Spanish word.... you know what "sit down" means in Spanish.
*  You love making the "B" and "S" sounds.
*  You love to climb on and off the ottoman.
*  You have started screaming in a high pitch when you "get in trouble."
*  You love to "snuggle" your blankie.  You snuggle it on your neck and pat it.  :)
*  You now like to help take off your shirts (mainly, pull it off your head).
*  You got your first hair cut!
*  You love to close doors when told.  :)
*  You know what it means to hold Mommy's hand.
*  You have figured out your reach and you love to reach up and get things off the kitchen counters!
*  Daddy gave you breakfast sausage for the first time.  You liked it!
*  You now have pretty blonde highlights (you were born with very dark hair, almost black).
*  Your favorite past time is still swinging.  :)
*  You love to push the buttons on your animals and horse that make music.
*  You like to pick up your brush and try to brush your hair.  Ha.
*  You love getting on your cars/horse and Thomas the Train all by yourself.
*  You celebrated your 2nd Valentine's Day!
*  You love to get on your rocking horse and rock back and forth on it.
*  You get on your car and push back on it with your legs.  Your little motor skills are developing well.  :)
*  You had pineapple for the first time.
*  You started taking bites out of a banana (no more cutting it into pieces for you).
*  You love pistachios.
 *  You helped mommy make chocolate-covered strawberries for the first time.
*  You have now gone from 3 naps to 2 but you are still a great napper.  You go down for a nap with no problem at all!
*  Your newest word is "Cow!"  Since visiting Grandaddy and Grammy's ranch in late Jan, you have come to love cows.  You spot them everywhere while driving. :)
*  You still wear sizes 18-24 months in both shirts and pants.
*  Your shoe size is 6 (almost time to move up to 7's).
*  You are size 4 diapers.  Boom!

You Have Our Hearts,
Mommy and Daddy


Daisy said...

This is such a sweet letter to your son! My favorite is putting your fingers in your nose, haha. You have a great blog :)


Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

Oh the days pass by so quickly! Treasure them.

I'd love for you to pop by for a visit. I am hosting a $50 Kirklands Giftcard Giveaway.

THE COOK'S said...

Daisy - Ahhh, thank you!!! Haha, yeah, it cracks us up every time he does that. :) Thanks for following!!

Laura - you are SO right. Time has already FLOWN! Aww, thanks, I'll definitely be stopping by. :))

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