15 Months - Gracious!

Dear Boston,

     Well, it's a new year, 2012, and Mommy and Daddy cannot believe how fast time seems to be passing by us.  Your growth is also surprising.  Yet, like the turning to a new year, seeing you develop into the cute, practically sophisticated little boy you have become, is very joyous and leaves us feeling proud, like a real sense of accomplishment.  When we think back to this time last year, the saying that most readily comes to mind is "wow, what a difference a year makes."  Then, you were teeny, tiny, didn't do much of anything except eat, sleep and soil your diapers, and you pretty much just hung out while we carried on around you.  Now, you are huge, continue to eat, sleep and destroy your diapers only now with more fervor and unscrupulosity, and you roam the joint like it's all yours and we work for you.  We kid... sort of.  It's true that you have made significant gains in your height and weight (we can't wait to take you to your next check up with Dr. Shori), and you have excelled at walking.  You can be a bit demanding, but we are going to give you a bit of a pass at this time, because we have concluded that the language barrier between us and you is frustrating to you and leads you to fuss when we are not meeting a need or desire of yours.  But, don't take advantage of our lenience, son.  Keep up the good eating habits and playful activities, and we are confident you will stay on course to becoming an awesome little kid.     

Here's what you've been up to:

*  You LOVE the Wheels On The Bus song while driving in the car.  You laugh and smile every time, especially when Daddy actually honks the car when the song says, "The horn on the bus goes Beep, Beep, Beep."  You'll learn soon, Daddy is a big kid.
*  You like to flip through your books and ask, "what's that?"
*  You are wearing sizes 12-18 months in pants but 18 months in shirts.
*  You started throwing some awesome tantrums (Not).  Oy! :)
*  You started drinking through a straw.  Such a big boy.
*  You started bending your knees when dancing.  So stinkin' cute.
*  You started to sit in your chair all by yourself like a big boy.
*  You LOVE your belly button and every one else's too!
*  You are now great at pushing your arm through your shirt sleeve when we put your shirts on.
*  You have learned what some of the animals are in your animal book.  Mommy asks you where an animal is and you point to it!!
*  You got your picture taken with Santa for the 2nd time and did.not.like.it.one.bit!  :(
*  You've learned what your ear is and point to it when asked.
*  You LOVE airplanes and point to them even when they are just specks in the sky.  Unlike Mommy and Daddy, you have great eyes.
*  You started jabbering a lot more, but we haven't begun to figure it out yet.
*  You went to your first Roanoke Christmas Parade!
*  You recognize these words in Spanish: milk (leche), where is it? (donde esta), and water (agua).
*  You experienced TRAINS at Northpark.  You are a big fan of trains now.  :)
*  You finally started saying, "MOMMA!" Very clearly.  No more saying "da-da"!  
*  You said "cup" for the first time on December 31st!
*  You celebrated your 2nd Christmas with us!

Happy New Year, Bos-Bos,
May It Be Your Best Yet,
Mommy and Daddy

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