16 Months - Boy Oh Boy

Dear Boston,

      It sure is fun being your parents.  Your advancements have become so numerous that it's hard to keep up with them.  You seem to have a constant urge to learn more, do more and see more.  Your inquisitiveness is really fascinating to us.  Perhaps the neatest times for us are when you explore the house or your toys or any random object all on your own.  You have an intense focus and it's obvious your little wheels are turning in your mind as you form connections in your brain about how things look, feel and sound, and how they move or operate.  We see a burgeoning student in you, and that is a huge relief.  We hope you keep an interest in learning more and more about the world in which we all find ourselves.  Having traveled quite a bit and seen a lot of different peoples and places, we have learned that Earth is a very complex planet with so many interesting and inspiring things to witness, understand and share with others.  Your drive to capture as much knowledge as possible in something as simple as a toy car or your stroller is, hopefully, an indication that you will strive to appreciate life's mysteries and help solve important questions for your own generation and those that come afterward.  Just in case it isn't clear enough, we are P.R.O.U.D. O.F. Y.O.U.

     As with our other letters to you, here's what you've done in the past 30 days:

*  You love to pat our backs/shoulders while giving us hugs.  
*  You started to use your pointer finger to point at things.  Especially your books like in this video.
*  You run towards the stairs (since your room is upstairs) when mommy says, "Let's go take a nap."
*  Your newest favorite thing in your room are your letters.  You always want us to go one by one saying each letter.  
*  You started climbing on and off the couch all by yourself.
*  You ate eggs for the first time.  
*  You colored with crayons for the first time.
*  You got to swing in your swing for the first time, your favorite past time.
*  You started saying Jet's name but it sounds more like, "det, det!"
*  You still do "more" in sign language.
*  You started climbing on the ottoman for the first time all by yourself.  You're a little monkey!
*  You know what eat means in sign language and run to your booster chair when mommy does the sign for eat.
*  You're still obsessed with balloons.  We get you one each time we go to the grocery store.
*  You had kiwi for the first time and loved it.  You are such a fruity type of guy.  :)
*  You have started to throw your blankets out of your crib (and anything else like your animals, too).
*  You love to turn the pages when we read a book, when told.
*  You now "put things back" when mommy tells you to put things back.  Mommy and daddy love this achievement.  :)
*  You love wearing hats, which Mommy works hard to promote.
*  You will go and get a diaper when asked to get one.
*  You are still very much obsessed with tires and wheels (here we are at Target).
*  You started to roll over on to your belly to slide off of our bed feet first.  :)
*  You started saying, "CAR", which sounds more like, "Cah."  :)
*  You currently have 14 teeth (you got two more molars and two bottom side teeth!).
*  Mommy got to pack your lunch for the first time so it'd be all ready to go while she went to her Mom's Group at Gateway Church.
*  You still love to love on Jet and he loves it, too!  :)
*  You started waving bye-bye the correct way.  Ha.
*  You went to your 15 month check-up (a month late)....you weigh a whopping 27lbs and you are 33 1/2 inches long!
*  You love horses and cows.
*  You love to put things in buckets and then dump them out, over and over.
*  You like to take Legos apart, but haven't mastered putting them back together just yet.
*  You wear sizes 18-24 months in both shirts and pants.
*  You know where your: mouth, ears, head, hair, feet and toes are.  Still can't get you to point at your nose, but we are not discouraged. :)

      We are so looking forward to the day when you begin to speak words and then sentences, so we can begin to communicate with you in greater depth and teach you about... well, everything we know.  You've been an amazing little boy.

Our Love For You Is Boundless,
Mommy and Daddy

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