Face Lift For Those Vases

And my Pinterest projects continue.  This one was simple and quick.  I did it in a total of about an hour and a half.  Bada-bing bada-boom.  Done.

I made something similar to these:
They are painted vases (and even old canned food cans).  Totally easy, and totally my style.  

Start off with vases, puff paint and tape (act like you don't see the whole puncher.  i didn't end up using it after all).
Then start making your design with your puff paint.  Dots were easy enough for me.

For the smaller vases, I made stripes.  Dots and stripes, can't get much easier than that.
When I took the tape off, I made another stripe between the existing stripes.
Then, spray paint them!  I chose to use colors that I already had on hand.
This is after my first coat.
Love this color.  It's so bright and cheery.
After about 4 even thin coats of paint.....you get this.  :)

The other vases haven't found a permanent home just yet.  But when they do....you know I'll share!

The best thing about this project was.....yup, you guessed it....it was F.R.E.E!!!  I already had the vases, paint, puff paint and tape.  So it was a must that I give some of my vases a face lift.  It was time.  :)



Mariah said...

Great project, I love the new look! I have some of those little round vases, I may just have to give them a makeover!

Mrs. Baker said...

just found your blog! i love this project! i have a lot of vases-i may try this!

THE COOK'S said...

Aw, thanks, Mariah!! I agree - you should! :-)

Mrs. Baker - thanks so much!! You should do this, too! :) When you do, I'd love to see them!!

The Smiths said...

What a great idea. I was looking for a way to spruce up some of my glass vases. This is perfect.

THE COOK'S said...

Aw, Smiths! Thanks!!! You definitely should do this. Easy and cheap. :-)

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