We've Gone Industrial

A mixing of the lights around here....yup, this post is all about 2 lights that have changed locations.  
Bostons room has had this girly chandelier in his room since he was born.  And it was time.  Time to change it out for a big-boy-light.  So we headed over to home depot a few weeks ago and happened to notice a cool looking industrial light fixture that I thought would fit well in his new room.  It wasn't too colorful and it wasn't too fancy.  It was just right.  So we bought it.
And it sat and sat....and sat in our playroom for a good 4-5 weeks before we got off our fannies and hung it.  Well that was 2 weekends ago.  Mr. hung took the chandelier down and hung the $30 beauty pendant that we like to call silver hat (for reasons below).  :)
You can't hang a pendant light fixture until you try it on as a hat, right?  I thought so.
Here she is in all her glory.  She's puuurrfect!  Yeah, she was totally meant to be in this room.  The only hard part was deciding on how long she needed to hang down.  
I eye-balled it and gave the Mr. a thumbs up.  And I think it's exactly where it needs to be.  However, Jer was a little worried we hung it too low since he, "knows how boys are."  So we shall see.  :)
And one more because we love her so much.  
So, where did the chandelier go?  You'll see soon.


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