Lovely Date Night

One of my favorite things about being married to Jer are his surprise date nights.  I love getting texts from him saying, "Don't make plans for Saturday night."  :)  I always know what that means.  Please, pinch me.  :)

He arranged for my parents to come over to watch the B-man.  Typically he has a plan and certain places in mind to go to for our date night, and I usually always end up ruining them because I always have something else in mind to do.  Seriously, I need to quit that.  But geez, it's hard.  If I get to go somewhere with him I wanna take full advantage of that time alone with him and go somewhere we can't necessarily go (or it could end up cutting our time there short or going horribly wrong) to with the B-ster.  Luckily, he doesn't mind doing what I want to do.

Like, spending hours at IKEA!  Yup - I thought spending most of our date night shopping at Ikea would be ideal to do without B!  This place is NOT a place for toddlers that need your total attention, get hungry and tired of watching you indecisively shop.  Yup - when I get into that store I get overwhelmed and indecisive.  Totally.  It's terrible I tell ya.  Plus, it's about a 40 minute drive from our house so having a toddler with us for a trip to Ikea would be bad bad bad.

In true "Cook Date Night" fashion, we took our pictures before we left.  You know, for our memory book.  :)

Yes, I am standing on my tipey toes.  With my 5'0 stature standing next to a 6 foot stature I always feel like it's a must to get as tall as I can when I'm not wearing my heels.  Maybe, just maybe, it'll make me look a little leaner and taller.  One can dream.  
And we couldn't leave without a picture with our main man.  He was bathed and ready for sleep even though he had a few hours with the grandparents.  It would be one less thing they would have to do.  Plus, daddy loves giving him his baths.  :)
He is all mine!!  Please, pinch me again!
Before we left (while waiting for the grandparents) we had a little play time.  Daddy pushing Boston on his "CA" (as he calls his car).
He has stolen my heart.
Snuggles with da-da.  He is uber ticklish.  Like for real.  :)  But that's okay - I never get tired of hearing his giggles.
He loves his new car from his aunt TT.  This is such a cool car.  It spits out balls from the hood when you ride it.  Plus it makes all kinds of sounds that Bos likes to laugh at and play over and over and over.
Several weeks ago, he taught himself how to climb on and off of the ottoman and couch.  Seriously, can this guy slow down in growing?!  Can I push his time machine off?  I would.  I would keep him a toddler forever.  No lie.
Jet got some lovin' too.  We can't forget about our first baby boy.  Even though he has (sadly) been trumped lately (well, for about 16 months now).  Poor guy.
So, remember when I said I usually ruin Jer's plans for our date nights?  Well, he had plans to go eat somewhere good but since I wanted to get to Ikea as fast as possible we settled on Chicken Express since it was on the way!  Oh M Gee (yea, I just said that, ha)....if you have never eaten at a CE (as we call it) you are missing out, like seriously, you are missing out.  They have the best chicken tenders, gravy, fried okra, fried corn poppers, coleslaw and biscuits.....heck everything..... EVER!  
 Right before stuffing our faces with some fattening food (i called it my "off" meal from my diet).  Ha.
IKEA!!!  We made it.  We got some good stuff which I'll post about soon.  Let me tell ya, it was nice not having B there.  I think we ended up circling the store about 3 times.  We.took.our.time.  Yes we did and it was great.  
We couldn't end the night with out some more yummy-ness.  Our favorite ice cream shop is Marble Slab.  We always have the exact same thing when we go.  ME: strawberry shortcake with birthday cake ice cream.  JER: Caramel sundae with walnuts instead of peanuts.  We are absolutely each other's enablers.  But it works.  :-)
Just to show you what I scarfed down so fast, so fast that we were in and out of that place within 15 minutes.  From start to finish.  Makes me crave this dessert just looking at this picture.  Bad, Jeni, bad.

After we left Ikea, Jer had originally planned for us to go see a movie that started at 10:30 but after this dessert, I knew I would have been "lights out" about 15 minutes into the movie.  So we came home early and hung out with my parents.  

It was lovely.  

Thank you, Jer, for such a relaxing evening alone.  Until next time....



Holly said...

This sounds like my kind of date night... And I'm so jealous that you live 40min away from an IKEA. Have a happy Friday!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a fun night! Judah's such a people-watcher, taking him to IKEA works out well, but definitely by the end of our rounds through the store he's completely ready to get out of the stroller!

THE COOK'S said...

Holly - you are too cute. You need an Ikea close to you! Even though ours is only 40 minutes away, I can't ever make time to get there more than twice a year. :)

Shannon! Thanks, girly! Haha - Judah is so sweet and calm....so I'm sure you would have no problem taking him. B on the hand, he needs attention. Lol. :-)

Alexis said...

Hi there, I am a new follower and your blog is so cute!

Oh how the times change after you have a babe. We debated on going to wal mart on Valentine's day to grocery shop because we figured it would be dead. Luckily we stopeed ourselve from being that pathetic. Now IKEA (swoon) if we only had one here.

I look forward to following along. I foudn you on Casey Wiegands page.

THE COOK'S said...

Hi, Alexis!! Thanks for becoming a new follower!! I recently went over to your blog and started following you, too. :) You crack me up - but I have to admit that if we didn't have plans, we too, might have gone to the grocery store. Ha.

Katie said...

We have Ikea dates too! Sometimes Target, but Ikea is definitely better :)

THE COOK'S said...

Target, we love us some Target, too!!!! :-)

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