Navy Turns 20 Months!

Our sweet Navy-boy,

     We still couldn't feel more blessed that we've gotten to love on you for 20 months now.  Not to mention, we get to love on you and watch you grow forever.  How cool!  You're pretty darn amazing in our book.  The past month has been another great month with you.
Here's what you've been up to lately:
- you LOVE your guitar and dancing to the songs.  You step back and forth while moving your hand to the beat.  You've got 2 favorite songs and you know exactly how many times to push the button to make those songs play.  It's pretty amazing
 - you're still loving getting your numbers read to you, both in the living room (where we have a set in a bowl for you) and in your room (the ones that hung on the wall).  Each time we put you to bed and right when you wake up you grunt and point to them letting us know that you want us to say them.  And we have to do it over and over, ha.  
- still loving your bottles with milk.  We are still working on getting you to take milk in sippy cups.  Right now, every time we give you milk in a sippy cut you push it away.  
- you love to take baths.  Sometimes if it's too hot outside during the day, mama will let you play in a bath with toys and bubbles.  
- you're wearing size 6 shoe now
- you're still going through the exact same clothing Bossy wore.
- you love water and swimming in our hot tub in the backyard.  
- you are still limited in your words which we aren't yet worried about.  You're only saying about 4-5 words.  But you definitely great at letting us know when you want more milk when you walk up to the fridge and grunt and try to open it.  :)
- not a fan of taking photos.  Mama's pretty sure that you know when the "big black thing" comes out you run for the hills.  And you certainly don't want to sit or stand next to brother for a photo.  These monthly photos are becoming a challenge for mama.  :))

We're excited to see all of the next and funny things you to this next month.  Until then...

We'll love you forever,
Mama, Dada and Bossy

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