Redneck Swimming Pool + Back Patio Dinner

Our sweet boys....they totally think that our hot tub is a swimming pool.  Ha. We have no shame in letting swim in it, even putting Navy's float in it, like it's a swimming pool.  Bossy will even often put on his goggles and go "swimming" under the water.  We like to refer to it as our "redneck swimming pool."  :)

Navy loves loves water.  All water.  Running water, waterfalls, puddles and our backyard hot tub.  He is so content with floating around in his float while splashing his brother + being splashed by his brother.  He loves it all.  

A lot of times, it's our night time activity before bed to wear them out just a little more to get them nice and tired for bed.  

This particular night, we had our dinner outside.  Jer recently put up those lights around the porch and their perfect.  They give off the perfect amount of light and ambiance on our patio.  It's so peaceful as long as you are sprayed with some OFF so the mosquitos aren't trying to suck you dry.  
Those legs!!
The faces he makes cracks us all up!  
I live for nights like these!


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