Navy Turns 16 Months - Wowzers!

Dear Navy,

     Holy smokes, we're already talking about your 16th month?!! Totally crazy how fast that went.  You have been such an awesome baby.  We still tend to think of you as a baby because the word toddler just sounds so old.  :)  Your little personality is really starting to shine through.  You're more vocal and mobile and really sweet.  We can tell that you're gonna have a gentle spirit.  You are not a fan of loud things.  Like, when you do something awesome and dada says, "Yayyy!!" you curl your bottom lip down and have a total meltdown.  We still can't figure out why that sets you off.  But it too is pretty cute.  For that reason, you still won't clap for us.  Because every time we've ever wanted to you clap we say, "Yayyy!" so now we think you correlate that with clapping.  You've only thrown a handful of tantrums but when you do it's the cutest to watch.  Even though it's a little sad because our communication barrier is what causes it.  The way you tell us that you don't want anymore of a certain food is by throwing it on the ground.  So, in a way, you're also upfront about things.  One more cool fact about you,  when you are eating and we tell you to "drink some water" you reach back and grab your sippy cup to drink your water that we have hanging from your chair.  It's fun to know that you know what we are saying even though you aren't talking yourself.  :)

Here's how awesome you were this month:
- you now have 10.5 teeth
- when we ask you if you want to watch your movie, you will walk over to your little bouncer chair, sit down and kick your legs in excitement.  Ha
- you know 3 words in Spanish: leche (milk), queres (want), aqua (water)
- you also know what mama means when she says, "Donde Esta?" that means "where is?" 
- you got your first haircut on January 23rd
- you know where your ear is (but we clapped and said, "Yay!" the first time you touched your ear when asked and now you won't do it anymore)
- LOVES reading books.  Your favorite being your book called First 100 Words
- loves to food
- you have a latch board toy that you love to open doors to.  Behind those doors are animals and you know that when you open the door we will say the animal name and then the sound and every-time you open a door now, you'll look up at us as if you're waiting on us to say the animal and make the sound.  Ha.  Makes us laugh.
- when you push your airplane around the house you've figured out how to navigate it and turn it so that it doesn't hit walls or run into anything
- still a mama's boy.  You'd rather mama hold you over anyone (even dada)
- you don't like walking in public.  In fact, you haven't walked in public once.  You'd rather be carried.
- sleep great at night.  Although, for the past 3 weeks you'll wake up at 5am, we'll give you a bottle and then you'll sleep until 8am
- we started trying to wean you off the pacifier at night and it's been going really good
- you love to move the curtains and run through them and behind them
- you are trying to veto your 2nd nap.  But we still get those in most days.
- by the end of the month you are completely weaned off of your pacifier!  Great job, kid.

We'll love you forever, sweet one!
Mama, Dada and Bossy

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