Navy Turns 15 Months!

Dear Navy,

    What a month!  These months are going by so fast and make us so sad.  We can't believe that you're approaching 18 months.  But let's not get ahead of ourselves.  What we do love is that you make us so proud.  You have really grown into a cool little guy.  You are starting to show your personality more and more, and it's a really sweet one.  Keep up the good work, kid!

Another amazing month with you!

Here's how it went down:
- you're still a champ at eating pretty much everything we give you
- you love to be held by mama
- you love to put your hand up to your mouth to make noises
- you take 2 naps a day now
- you still sleep great through the night
- you're in a size 4 shoe
- you love when we sing songs to you.  Your favorites are, Jesus Loves Me and the Wheels On The Bus
- you know what water is when we tell you to drink it.  You reach back behind your chair and pull your sippy cup up to drink.
- you know what "movie" is.  You love your Baby Einstein movies and squeals when you know its coming on.
- you celebrated your 2nd Christmas
- you celebrated your 2nd New Year's with us
- you do not like it when brother takes things away from you
- you have the cutest tantrums - you lay face down on the floor and cry.  Sad but adorable.

Happy New Year, little lover!  May it be your best yet!

We'll love you forever,
Mama, Dada and Bossy

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