Boston's 3rd Birthday - Dinosaur Style

Man that year went by fast!  

Our little man is now a 3 year old.  That just sounds big.  I never imagined having a 3 year old 3 years ago when I gave birth this this little fella.  It seemed like light years away and here we are.

But it's here.  

So let's talk about how we celebrated the big day (we actually celebrated it a few days earlier on a Saturday since his birthday would land on a weekday while were were in Puerto Vallarta, MX.  Post on that coming soon).  Dinosaurs was the theme this year.  He's really been into dinosaurs lately so it was only fitting to give the guy what he loves the most.  Dinosaurs galore. 

This sign was something that we ordered from vistaprint.com for his first birthday and we've been able to use it each year....his first birthday HERE and second birthday HERE.  Blue and white....you can't really go wrong with those colors for a boy.  
Unfortunately, we had a hard down pour hours before his birthday so we ended up having to host his birthday indoors again this year.  But it all worked out.  Except for the horrid lighting in these pictures.  Ha.  

Our favor table.  It held his monthly photos and favors to grab on their way out the door which included a dinosaur figurine, dinosaur tattoos and candy.  
These little labels were made using MS Word and shipping labels.
As our dessert, we had a "mason jar cupcake bar."  I got a few different cupcake topping and poured them into a muffin tin and let them pour their own toppings onto their cupcakes.  It was messy but a big hit.  Oh and in case you're wondering, you can totally bake the cupcakes inside the mason jars themselves.
Sooo, the big "3" with the balloons that we made the night before wasn't actually what I had envisioned but it worked.  
This year, instead of getting Boston his own smash cake, we stuck with the cupcake theme and made him 3 cupcakes (for turning 3) as his "smash cake."  However, he didn't eat all 3 (maybe just the icing, though).  ha.
Along with pizza, we served some fruit in the same soil pots that I used last year from Home Depot.  Their great because you can use them over and over since they never really get dirty.
Caught him in action....sneaking some M&M's.  He even brought his step stool, too.  Smart cookie. :)
After we ate, we all headed outside for some annual photo booth pictures!
We not only had them wear funny glasses and some homemade ties and bowties....we also had them ROAR like a dinosaur.  Ha.  We videoed each family so that we can made a video to watch next year at his birthday party!  :)  Hilarious.
My friend said it perfectly....Boston's roars look like he's trying to take a poop!  Ha.  They were all such good sports!
Lastly, we came in to sing happy birthday and enjoy those cupcakes!

We had an absolute blast celebrating the birth of our baby and so very thankful for all of our family and friends that came out to celebrate with us.  It's been the most joyful 3 years of our lives and we are so excited for our future with this little gentleman.

Happy Birthday, Boston James, we love you more than you'll ever know!

Until next year....


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Amy said...

Aww, what a super cute and fun birthday party!! I love all the decorations!

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