Boston's 1st Birthday Party - Circus Style

Well it's been exactly 2 months since Boston turned 1 years old!  These two months have flown.  I haven't known what to do with myself since there's been no more birthday planning.

I had an absolute blast planning this party for our main man.  A first birthday is a big deal to us so we wanted to make it special for him.  He won't remember it but we will!  :)

Thanks to my business partner and great friend, Cece, for all of the pictures that she took for us throughout the whole party. She is amazing.  These are only a FEW pictures that she took.  There's many many more that will be on my Facebook page.

I decided that I would do as much as I could myself since I wanted things a certain way.  I went onto Etsy (too bad this was before my Pinterest days) and searched around looking for some ideas and found some that I liked.  So I incorporated those ideas and my own to make my labels.  The main thing I wanted were labels, labels and more labels.  Especially for my candy bar.  But I put them on everything!  Every party that I looked at had cute little labels and I loved it.  I made mine on MS Word.  It was so easy and so much cheaper to do it that way.  Once they were designed I printed and cut them.  To me, the labels were the decor that helped make the party more custom.

Welcome sign on our front door.  :)
Boston's 4ft sign we stuck in our front yard.  We chose a universal option so that we would be able to use every year.  
Table centerpieces.  I painted the little buckets with chalkboard paint, colored a 1 on them, filled them with peanuts and stuck lollipops in them.  
Personalized napkins.  I got enough for next year and maybe the year after as well.
Happy Birthday sign I made out of card stock and twine for the cake table.
Jer made his CIRCUS sign out of Christmas lights, wood and paper mache letters from Hobby Lobby.
Sand art table.
Bean bag toss.
Corn hole.
Face painting booth in the corner.
Favor table.
We boxed animal crackers into favor boxes with labels saying, "Thanks For Clowning Around With Me!"....Boston.
We Jer made a stand for all of his monthly pictures.
 Red, White and Blue birthday bracelets that said, "Boston's 1st Birthday."
Bottle labels I made in MSWord and printed on water-proof labels.
Cake Table.
Candy Bar!  This was a hit with the kids and even the adults.  :-)
Food: Corn dogs, nachos, peanuts and popcorn.
I made his birthday hat out of card stock for about $5.  Soooo easy!  Beats paying $25-30 on Etsy.  
Jer made this photo booth out of 2x4's, paint and fabric.  I hemmed the red fabric for each side and hung them with a curtain rod.  For the back: we designed and ordered his "Boston" fabric and hot glued it onto plywood.

He's not sure what this is.  
Stop, Bos, pleeeaaasse!!  Ha.
Momma not liking seeing him dig into his cake.  That will be the last time he has sweets until his next birthday!  :)
My lover surprised me and said a speech about my mothering skills.  So sweet.  I.am.blessed!
Birthday dinner - green beans, peas, corn and carrots!
Boston and Daddy!  Thank you, Jesus, for choosing these boys for me.
The babies loved the pool with balls.  :)

We are so very blessed for all of our family and friends that came to celebrate this special day for Boston.  He's so loved.

Can't wait till next year's party.  Although, it might be a little more low key....still deciding.

P.S. If you have any questions about where I got certain things or how we made things email me or send me your question in the comment section and I will respond quickly!  :)



Mariah said...

Great job, Jenn! I love all your signs and the circus sign is adorable. You can tell that you put a lot of love into this party and Boston is one lucky little guy!

Callie Nicole said...

HIs birthday party was so cute! I loved all the detail!

THE COOK'S said...

Mariah!!! Wow-thank you! Coming from the QUEEN of party planning. :) Btw-your parties are AH-mazing!!!

Callie - THANK YOU so much!!! :-)

Katherine said...

So cute! We also had a first birthday circus for our son Landon's first birthday!


Amy @ Not Your Average Baby Blog said...

very cute party!! love it! we had very similar colors!!

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