Iced-In Day

Texas had an arctic blast come through our state.  Particularly the Dallas-Fort Worth area.  For Texans, everything shuts down.  People clean out the grocery stores (stock up for with food, batteries, you name it) and all the kids get outside to play with what we think is snow....which was actually sleet.  Not as much fun to play with but perfect for make-shift (aka redneck) sled riding for the littles.

It was a Friday and Jers office closed.  So he was working from home.  During his lunch hour, he came out side holding a homemade sled-riding-thing-a-magiger for Boston (it was really a lid to one of my tubs, ha).  But it worked like a charm.  

He showed B what to do and they had their fun while I did my thing.  Document every.single.minute of it.

But first, B and I went out in the backyard so that he could frolic around with some toys.  I wasn't quite dressed to be in the front yard where all the neighbors and their kids were playing.  :)

More and more we are learning that Boston is very much into getting a thrill.  Whether it be from roller coaster rides or sled rides.  He's all about the thrill.  He's sure to be an adventurous little guy!


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