What We Did For Boston Turning 2.5 Years Old

You see us Cooks like to celebrate.  Anything.  Even if its a day that Boston turns 2 1/2.  Half birthdays are special to us.  Not sure why exactly, but they are.  We are those parents.  We own it.  :)

So when Boston turned 2.5 as we like to call it.....we headed out to do something special.  Jer even marks it on his work calendar weeellll in advance so as to make sure he takes that day off and nothing interferes with it like a deposition or hearing being scheduled that day.

Our first plan was to go back to the zoo like we did last year when he turned 18 months.  But mother nature had different plans.  We needed something indoors.  But first....

Let's talk about what we did before we left the house.  Did our usual, got Boston out of bed, changed his diaper and went downstairs to have breakfast.
Daddy was made him/us some pancakes and bacon.  Carbs and fat just what we like.
Bostons new thing is to sit up on the barstool.  Makes me nervous but makes him happy.  And that's sometimes all that matters, right?  :)
For Easter, one gift from us (really me since Jer thinks its weird since he's a boy) was a push broom!  He loves getting mine out and using it.  So when I saw a kid broom at Target it jumped right into my cart.  
After a little broom action we all got ready and headed out to our indoor destination.
There wasn't just legos there....there were also a few rides.  3 of them but only 2 Boston could ride due to height restrictions.
Oh and this gym thingy.....he was too short to go in to.  Kind of a bummer.
But we quickly diverted his attention to these mini-towns that were made out of legos.  This is the city of Dallas with the reunion tower (round lighted ball) and all.
DFW International Airport
AA center where the Mavericks play.
Fort Worth Stockyards.
And of course the Cowboy Stadium.

This was one of his favorite things to do while there.  Rolling a lego car down the slides.
We had fun riding this ride that went around and around up in the air.  This guy has no fear of heights or rides.

When Bos told us, "I ungwy" we headed over to Rainforest Cafe for some lunch.  But first to look at the alligator that sits outside of the restaurant.
While we waited to be seated, we told him to wait in line and to stand on the feet that were on the floor.  And he did.  Very patiently.  
If there's one thing to know about us Cooks it's that we never carry cash.  So we headed down the way to an ATM so we could ride the train.

A perfect day isn't perfect until ice cream has been had.
And some butterfly catching.
When we got to the park there were several kids and their parents flying kites.  That was a h-i-t with Boston.  Looks like he'll be getting a kite to fly sometime in the near future.
But we did get some butterfly catching in.


Amy said...

Sounds like you guys had such a fun day!! Happy 2.5 birthday Boston.

Kendra Castillo said...

Boston is absolutely adorable! It looks like you guys had so much fun celebrating a 1/2 birthday (why dont we do that more often??)

Kendra @ openspaces

Dara said...

wow looks like a great day. we recently went to the legoland discovery center here too and it was similar!

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