3-0 As In 30 Months Young....Whew That Flew Bye

Bossy, Bos-man, B, B-man, Stud-man, Bos,

You are one amazing little dude.  Like, seriously, daddy and I are head over heels in love with your little self.  You are such a delight in our lives.  You're our world.  Our everything.  That we will protect and cherish forever.  Everyday you are doing something new or funny.  You are quite the character as I mentioned last month.

Your personality is blooming and has been so fun to watch.  Not to mention your looks are beautiful/handsome/awesome.  Daddy and I look at you sometimes with googly eyes wondering how we got such and awesome kid.  Only He knows how.  :)

I can't believe you are already 30 months old.  That means your knocking on your 3rd years door.  Only 6 more months.  Ouch.  Can't think about that.

This month was another fun month.  Here's what you were up to:
- you crack us up when you tell me and daddy, "Good job, momma/daddy!"  You clearly have heard us tell you that one too many times.  You are a hoot I tell ya!
- Whenever you think you are in trouble, you put your head down and close your eyes and say (in a really sad voice), "I'm sad."  HAHA.  It makes me laugh and then you're no longer in trouble.  Funny how that works.  Little stinker.  :)
- You are a champ at saying prayers (with our help).  You mostly take them very seriously.  Sometimes in the middle of dinner you will say, "say pwayer, hold hands" which means you want to say another prayer.  :)  And at night we say a prayer before going to bed and you know to close your eyes.  Sometimes you'll open them and laugh but then you get serious again and close them.  It makes daddy and I laugh so hard.  
- We had somewhat of a tantrum month.  But we beat it.  You are back to being a terrific two year old (for the most part).
- You're still a huge meat eater.  But having a little trouble in the veggie department.
- You had a few weeks of not wanting any bananas.  Way out of character but you're back on the banana bandwagon.
- We started practicing our Spanish flash cards.  And now we practice a few words throughout the day. Like saying, gracias (thank you), de nada (you're welcome), por favor (please).  We'll start out slow until you master those.
- You're in size 9/10 shoes.
- You crack up over Jet's tail.  When it wags you belly laugh.  It's hilarious.
- When you are going to throw a ball or hit a ball with your golf club or anything you want us to see, you'll say, "watch this."  Ha.
- You love snacking on hummus and carrots.
- Something you've been doing for several months is putting your hand up by your head behind your ear whenever you hear something.  And you'll say, "listen!" or "hear that?" or "what's that noise?"  And you'll turn your head and look up.  lol.  It of course makes us laugh.  
- you still LOVE Home Depot and can spot them when we pass them while driving.
- you are obsessed with getting into the car and pushing all of the buttons, still.
- you know what dandelions are and love blowing them.  Every time we leave music class you pick them and blow them.  And it makes me laugh that you don't blow through your lips but instead you blow through your teeth so it makes a funny noise.  HAHA.  Love it so much.  :)
- You might be a little obsessed with your music class.  To the point where if we don't listen to your music class CD you get a little....um, cranky.  Ha.
-  You've started wanting to swing again in your swing on the back patio.  We've spend lots of days lately swinging.  :)
- You got a new Latches Board and its been a big hit.  You like trying to figure things out and you basically mastered it within minutes.  But you still like to play with it throughout the day.
- Speaking of throughout the day, I still can't get you to play independently.  So I'm just going to chalk it up as you being a momma's boy.  :)  Maybe because you are home with me so much and I've always gotten on the floor to play with you that now you need me there to play with you.  Not sure, but there are times where I wish you'd play independently so I could get a few things done.  :)  

We love you deeply, Bos.
Stay your perfect little self.
And rock those 30's!  :)
Momma and Dada

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Sandra Kohlmann said...

Size 9/10 shoes! My girls will be 3 next month, and one is in size 6 and the other in 7. Do my kids have small feet?

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