Easter Day 2013

Easter this year was a lot different than the previous years.  All have been fun but this one was a little extra fun.

The first year Bossy was too little to really enjoy everything that comes with the holiday.  His second year an ugly cold got a hold of him so we had to stay home.  This year, his third year, we got to enjoy it all to the fullest.

Starting with his yearly-picture-taking-next-to-his-filled-Easter-basket photo session.  
Then we rushed off to church with Jer's family in Weatherford and went back to his moms house for some awesome grub and an egg hunt.

He was so anxious to start hunting but we had to wait for one of Boston's baby cousin to hunt a little first before the big kids started.  It's hard to think of Boston now being one of the "big kids."

Our little guy is a little impatient and likes to tease us.  So daddy had to keep reeling him back in.  Ha.
It was time and they were off on the hunt!
Before hunting for the next egg he had to open each egg he found to see what was in it before putting it in his basket.  Some had candy and some had money.  He didn't really know what money was but now he does.

Sweet Nana being silly.  :)

Then we left and headed to my grandmother's house for more yummy food (yeah, we overate that day. it was almost like another Thanksgiving day) and another egg hunt.

My mom every year gets Boston his own little basket filled with fun stuff.  And this wasn't any different.  Oh and there's always a chicken that dances and squawks.  They are hilarious.

Gosh Boston really loves his G-Paw (my dad).  G-paw plays and plays with Boston.  He's like a big kid.  He will often ask for G-paw throughout the day/week.  It's so sweet.
One of my cousins brought up the idea of putting an egg on a string and making the kids grab for it.  Ha.  And Boston had a blast.  He cracked up the whole time while trying to grab this egg.  Made for great entertainment.  :)

Then we got out the confetti eggs.  Bos had a blast cracking them on our heads.  

This picture pretty much wraps up the mood of the whole day.  Laughter, excitement and fun!  
That's a wrap.  Easter 2013.  It came, we had fun, now we wait until next year....



The Burtons said...

He is so cute! I love his Easter outfit!


McKenna Ryan said...

This looks like such a fun weekend. I am so happy you had a great time. Happy Friday! xx. McKenna Lou

Becca Moss said...

Love his colored jeans! He's adorable!

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