Ambulance Trip and Valentine's 2013

This year was waaayyy different than last year's v-day.  

This year we were tending to a sick little baby.  That thing called Croup (I'd never heard of it until now) creeped up on Boston the night before (pretty sure he got it from the church nursery).  He went to bed at his normal time and around 9:45 I kept hearing a weird noise on the monitor.  But I chalked it off as it being Scout the dog that he sleeps with that plays music.  So I continued my craft I was working on.  I heard the noise seconds later so I got up to go check the monitor and he was standing up crying and gasping for air making a horrible loud sound!!  

I ran upstairs, picked him up and tried rocking him on his recliner in his room in hopes of calming him down.  The gasping was very loud and a noise I'd never heard before.  Freaked-me-out.  So when he wasn't calming down and couldn't stop making that loud noise while gasping for air, I ran downstairs to Jer (where he was in the study working) and told him (while panicking) something was wrong.

He's not one to get all hyped up about things like this especially since he knows I'm freaking, so he calmly told me to dial 911.  So I did.  15 minutes later the ambulance arrived (which felt like FOR-ever) and we were off to the children's hospital. I rode in the ambulance with B and Jer drove behind us.  
He was so calm the whole way.  Partly because he was probably super tired and just wanted to go back to sleep.  Plus, I think it helped that he loves ambulances and to get to actually ride in one was even more exciting to him.  
When we got to our little room, the doctor came in and told us within a minute that it was croup.  Huh?!  What the heck is croup?  Well, it's basically a babies form of an upper respiratory viral infection.  And when babies make that "seal barking" noise it's because their airway is so small and it sits really close to their vocal box.  So every gasp is very loud and scary!!  
They gave him a liquid steroid and a little bit of medicated oxygen (the mask thingy didn't even phase Boston since they had Mickey Mouse playing on the tv) and 2 hours later we were released.  Now his body has to fight off the virus.  And we are still in that phase.  We were told to expect it to linger for about 7-10 days.  So that's that.  

  On to Valentine's day.....the whole day we laid low and slept and cuddled and slept some more.  I was kind of in heaven with all the cuddling Boston was giving out.  By the end of the day when daddy was on his way home Boston was up to being his active self and his fever had faded.  And since I hadn't done anything all day our dinner that evening wasn't prepared in the least.  So Jer mentioned going out to eat instead.... if I thought B was up for it.  And he was.  Plus, I think it helped him to get out of the house and getting some fresh air.  

But before we headed out for dinner.....I was made aware of a little gift from Jer.  :)  A sweet-from-the-heart blog post similar to the one he wrote last year.  There's nothing more that a I love than a man that isn't afraid to write out his love in a letter or in this case a blog post (and sweet surprises).  He knows I don't care for chocolates or flowers.....something from the heart is my forte.  After 17 years, he definitely knows how to make me melt and is good at it. :) #iamblessed

So....in true Cook fashion, we chose the Cheesecake Factory.  You can never go wrong with some Cheesecake.  I whipped up B's heart tie onesie for him to wear during dinner and we headed out the door to meet daddy there.  
This cheesy smile is the greatest.  
One more.  Ha.  He's so awesome.
It was a great dinner with these two men of mine.  B got lucky, since he was sick, we gave in to him watching Mickey Mouse during dinner.  
Every time we eat there, Jer and I share this steak meal and it's perfection.  Seriously.  
And we always finish off with their strawberry shortcake.  Holy moly is all I can say.
And there it is.  The day was nothing spectacular but it was just what we needed....sleep and good food to end the day!

Oh and here's two very short videos from that dinner.  :)



The Coulters said...

Oh Gosh, I hope Boston will be okay. Croup is a nasty mean thing isn't it? I am always so worried that my daughter Peyton will get it because ever since her oxygen level was low one time from coughing so bad and wheezing that I have to get her oxygen level checked every time she gets a cough. I have a feeling she might have asthma. Doctors told me that the cold weather & going for a short walk really helps coughing with the cold air.

Sybil@PeaceitallTogether said...

My oldest had croup when she was about 17 months. It was scary. We ended up in the ER, too. She's ten now, but reading this post, I could still hear that nasty, seal-barking cough. Glad he is feeling and that you were able to have a great Valentine's celebration!

Hannah/ Mommarazzi said...

Oh my goodness, that sounds awful! I hope he starts feeling better soon & he'll be in our prayers!! good thing you caught it on the monitor!!& I love his tie shirt, super cute!


Mandi Roach said...

Hugs to you and your dear mama heart! XOXO

McKenna Ryan said...

So glad your little man is feeling better! Glad you had a great Valentines Day. xx. McKenna Lou

p.s. Hop on over to Lynn and Lou for a last minute entry on our special giveaway, the winner will be announced tomorrow!

Here's the link:

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