Canvas Annual Handprint

I'd been searching pinterest the past few weeks for ways to make Boston a hand print ornament like we have the previous two years.  And since I didn't have the pre-made mix to make the mold this year I needed to find a recipe for the ingredients to make that mold.

But....then I thought, "Why do you want it to be a mold?"  "Why not a hand print that you can keep and add to for many years to come?"  So that's when the canvas hand print art came about.  I have lots of canvas laying around that I got from Michael's in a pack of 7 when they were on sale.  

Before Christmas while Jer was working from home one day......I decided that I'd get his help while I.....well you know, documented the process with pictures.  

At first Boston wasn't having it.  He doesn't really like being messy.  Especially when it gets all over his hands.  When he realized we wanted his hand to get rubbed all into this pile of paint he was a little hesitant.  
Still not quite sure about this.
Jer did a few test prints on some craft paper that we laid over our table.  We wanted to make sure the hand print would come out looking like a hand print and not a big ol' glob.
By this point, Bos was like, "whatev, do what you gotta do!"  With his bed head and all.
After critiquing the way he smashed his hand and fingers onto the paper we were ready to do the real deal.  Daddy did good.  It turned out great!
We started this year's hand print in the top corner so that every year around Christmas (or even near his birthdays) we can add another hand print and watch his hands grow.
In order to know when this was done, I plan on adding the date below the hand print with a permanent marker similar to the photoshopped picture below.  


Tiffany @ Austin Family Diary said...

Aww cute idea! You'll love seeing the changes later on down the road!

Hailey said...

haha! cute! love his bedhead too!

LWLH said...

Love the look on his face, 'ok whatevs mom'

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