What I'm Loving Lately

Isn't this neat?  I love everything about the shelving and pictures.
Doing this really soon.  So stay tuned.  I have a perfect spot for this geometric wall art!
Loving the re-finished wood signs lately.  Something like this would be so cute for Boston's big boy room.  One day.  
Simple and cute art you could do yourself.
Chalkboard and framed with an antique-ish frame = modern chic!
Pottery Barn always has the-best-playroom ideas.  The huge Dr. Seuss signs caught my eye.
A huge chalkboard wall is a must in playrooms.  Not sure if I'm Jer's brave enough to do this to a whole wall, though.  
Looks so good!  The best part is it only requires 3 ingredients: bananas, cinnamon and honey.  I'll be trying this today except I'll substitute the honey for agave nectar (we don't have honey).
Isn't this genius?!  How yummy is this?  I have all 3 ingredients....maybe this'll be my lunch before my banana dessert.  Pitiful that I get so excited about food.  pickles, cream cheese, ham
Probably my favorite dessert yet.  I love easy desserts that don't require much work or too many ingredients.
This might be on our menu for our Valentine's day dinner.
Who doesn't want these?!  Would love them in a purple or hot pink/magenta!
Want these boots.
DIY heart jeans.  How stinkin' cute!!  This blog makes it look so easy to do, too!  
You can follow along on pinterest HERE.

This momma is precious and her family is adorable!!  If you aren't following her or haven't read her blog you should to get on that stat.  Her blog They Call Me Mama is a great read about their sweet little family.  I was especially drawn to it when I first read her introduction:
"I am a 20-something small-town girl who met a city boy and fell in love! We have been happily married for over 4 years. God blessed us with a twin pregnancy and the Lord has baby Ryder on His lap. We are so blessed to have Wyatt here on earth with us. Our family has recently expanded to a family of 4...Baby Sloane came March 13th! We love the Lord and know His "blessings are new every morning.""
You can follow her on twitter, pinterest and facebook.  Go and say hello to her! 



Risa said...

I love those heart jeans!
I found you on Monday Mingle. Check out my blog! :)I'm following you on FB.

Myers Family said...

I love the cream cheese, pickles, and ham rollups.
My friend used to make those and they are yummy!
The jeans are too cute! I would love to try that on some of my daughters jeans.

Marie bloominghomestead said...

Thanks so much for the feature!

Lindsay said...

So much great inspiration here! I love all the artwork especially those huge covers of Dr. Seuss books. And that banana dessert...yum!

Ashley Brooke said...

I keep telling my husband we need more art on our walls- thanks for all of the great ideas! So I glad I found you through Thee Networking Blog Hop! New follower!

Shannon said...

Love the black and white pictures on shelves. I'm all about black and white decor lately. And I want those Hunter's!

Anonymous said...

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