Boston's First DIY Ornament - 2012

This year Boston is big enough to diy his first ornament.  So we did.  We started him out with something really simple and with what has been my favorite thing to use this season....glitter.    It had to be something on the simple-toddler-least-mess side.  But glitter wasn't the thing to use for toddlers.  Mom-choice-fail.  But he did have fun.  Even though mom had a mess on the chair and floor to clean up.  

We started off with some clear ornament balls from Michaels, elmers glue and blue glitter.  I used a candle cover to set it on while we sprinkled glitter on it.
When I sat Boston down and he saw the glitter he wasn't sure to think of it.  But after a little time he got the hang of it.  Kinda.  His little fingers couldn't grab a whole lot of glitter so it took a little longer than momma had planned for.  
After about 2 minutes, this is all he had on the B.  
Then he decided that the glitter tasted good.  He would lick it off his finger and say...."Mmm, mmm, mmmm!"  This guy.
At this point I had to start helping him.  It clearly was looking at taking all day and night to get this B covered with glitter.
Then he decided that he didn't like being so messy with glitter on his hands so he would dust them off onto the floor.
Our B got a little smashed by his fingers but I was able to clean it up a bit.
My initial plan was to apply some glue to the back side of the B with 2012 and to glitter that date too.  But instead I just decided to write it on the ball with a permanent marker so we can remember what year he made that ornament.  
It fits in well on our tree.
We still have his hand mold to do, this weekend.  The last two years we've done a mold of his hands like this one from last year and this one from Boston's first Christmas and we will continue that this year.  More on that next week.

Have you made any ornaments with your toddlers/children?  I'd love to see them!


Amy said...

That is so cute!!! He did a great job! :-)

Lindsay said...

THAT'S ADORABLE! I love this! I wish I would have thought to do it with Ethan this year. Maybe next year!

Last year, we did salt dough ornaments with Ethan's itty-bitty baby hand and feet prints!

LWLH said...

That is too cute!

Miss K said...

love your tree colors their mine tooo!!! love blue!!!

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