First Christmas as a Family of Three

Finally, things are settled down in the Cook household.  We've had a busy couple of days.  With Boston here, Jer and I got to celebrate our first Christmas as a family of THREE!!  We loved having our little guy celebrate the special holiday with us.  My favorite part was spending Christmas Eve alone, just the 3 of us.  We shut our cell phones and computers off for the evening - a rarity for sure.  We typically go to Jer's mom's for Christmas Eve but we didn't this year.  His mom decided that she wanted to spend this Christmas Eve alone with her husband, which was perfect since it allowed our little family to spend it alone, too.  :) 

That night, we decided to make Boston's hand and foot molds.  I bought the mold a few weeks ago but wanted to save it for our "family Christmas Eve" night so I'll always remember what day we did them.  After a few tries and re-do's, we got this...

Then, Jer and I thought we would open our gifts to each other that night, too.  I love getting gifts from Jer because I'm always very surprised and he knows I love surprises.  One gift in particualr was the the most special, this necklace...

Last year on Christmas Eve, Jer gave this necklace to me as a symbol of the two of us.  It did not, however, have the opal stone in it.  It only had the two rings.  He says the bigger ring represents him and the smaller represents me.  This year, on Christmas Eve, I got the same necklace again, but with Boston's birthstone - hence, the opal stone - added to it.  I absolutely love it.  This necklace has a special meaning; a symbol of our little family.  It's not only my Christmas present but also my "push" gift for the birth of Boston (even though I really didn't push) :). 

As for Boston's Christmas gifts, we could not think of what to buy a 3-month old.  I mean, they really don't know that it's even Christmas or what presents are.  But, since I'm very sentimental about his "firsts" of everything, we knew we wanted to get him something, mainly for the memories of his first Christmas.  So we decided on these:

a 4 foot giraffe from daddy

i realized just how short I am :)

two books of 100 nursery rhymes and tales from mommy

and, of course, later that night, Santa dropped by with this chair

Boston before he went to bed on Christmas Eve

A few pictures from Christmas day...

he completes us

Boston with sweet cousin Noah 

we sat Boston in his chair and this is how he fell asleep for nearly an hour

that morning, Boston fell asleep on his Abby

here I am with Granma Soto, my 80yo maternal grandmother

i love him 

This Christmas was extra special for us and we look forward to many more to come with our little man.  We hope everyone's Christmas was as wonderful as ours!! 


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