Around The House Christmas DIY's

There's been a few Christmas projects that I've tackled over the last couple of weeks that needed to be written about so they could be added to the list of the other Christmas projects over the last two years.  Like these twine ornaments.  This front door wreath.

Let's start with our entry way.  

This year, I used the same way of displaying our Christmas cards as last year....using tree branches and twine.
Except instead of using glass vases I used old wine bottles that I had laying around taking up space.  I soaked them in water, used Goo Gone remover to remove the sticky labels and sprayed 3 light coats of white spray paint.  I thought about adding a little something to the plain-nes of the white bottles but this momma got busy with wrapping gifts, trying to keep a certain 2 year old alive, wifely duties and finishing up my Christmas shopping.  Such a slacker this one.  

So here you have it.  This year's very plain and very white wine-bottle-branch-holders.

Each time a Christmas card came in I would punch two holes in them with my single hold puncher and poked twine through each hole, tied the twine into a knot at the top and rested them on a tree branch.  
Next up....some easy peasy glittered pinecones.  Pinecones are pinecones.  Brown and blah.  But they can be sprinkled with some pretty dust aka glitter and all of a sudden become beauties.  Since part of our color scheme this year has baby blue in it and I had some left over blue glitter I used a teansy bit for these pinecones.

Apply some elmer's glue sporadically to some of the tips and sprinkle glitter.  And tah-dah within in all of about 2.2 seconds you have some blue sparkly pinecones.  
Lastly, we've got some mason jar Christmas trees.  Oh, with "snow."  I got my Christmas trees at walmart.  Bam .75 cents each.  Walmart always comes through for me.  I've got a bagillion mason jars so I used a couple to make these little Christmas tree snow globes plus a little paper snow.  Their so easy there's no need in even typing out the instructions.  Pictures say it all.

There's a few more Christmas-y projects to share along with some other random-ness.  You know....what I'm most good at.  Being random.  


Rachel @ front row seat said...

I'm loving every one of those projects! Thanks so much for sharing! They look beautiful!

Hannah/ Mommarazzi said...

I LOVE the Christmas card holder idea, how genius is that!!

Teresa said...

ahh so cute! the pinecones are probably my favorite! (:

Anonymous said...

Everything looks great! New follower. :)

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