Bits of Us Via iPhone

probably one of my favorite iphone pictures.  Boston is one blessed little guy to have the daddy he has. And I'm pretty sure he knows it too.  Daddy worked late that day.  Got home right before Boston's bed time but wanted to make the most out of their last 30 minutes together before Boston went to bed.  Best buds for life.
I've been a little more than behind on posting some of our iphone/Instagram photos.  A month and a half behind.  These were a few photos that had been sitting in the iphone folder waiting to be posted.

As you know, I love taking pictures.  Taking pictures of anything and everything with my good camera or with my iphone camera.  Each picture tells a story.  Good, bad, sad, funny, loving, etc. It'll be fun to look back in many years to see a story being told in these pictures.  I'll be able to look at them and say, "Ohhh I remember that nursery, I remember him loving that little red car, I remember how he loved being outside, I remember his hair that long, I remember how he used to sit in his toddler carseat...."

I have a little something in mind for all of these Instagram photos that I'll share early next year with you.  I can't wait.  Fingers crossed it turns out how I have imagined it.

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Hailey said...

i love the last one!

LWLH said...

Love the last one...he looks so happy to be playing with his daddy.

Mrs Hurley said...


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