Our Form Of Entertainment At The Home DE-Poh

**Update: this post was scheduled last week to post today.  Forgetting that it would be posted with no mention of the tragedy from Friday I wanted to make sure to post here that we, my husband included, are still deeply saddened about this horrific tragedy in Connecticut.  I'm not one to really write about my feelings about things like this, I tend keep them in or share them with my husband only.  But what I can say is that being a mother and knowing about these sweet innocent babies (and teachers) being taken away from their parents way too early has shaken me to my core.  Because of this I'll be taking tomorrow off from blogging as my blogs "moment in silence."

A trip to the "Home De-poh" as Jer would call it is what us redneck Cooks would call a good time as a family.  There's nothing better than a trip to the home improvement store for some lumber, ceiling fan picking-out and a little tractor riding all while our less than 2 year old (at the time) drive around our shopping cart.  

It's about time this guy start pitching in around here.  His share of duties for the family: pushing our carts for us.  And he's pretty dang good at it.  4 months later and I'd call him a pro.  He can maneuver, back up and turn corners like a champ.  I'm more likely to run into people/things than he is.   
This particular trip was for lumber to make our shelves and ceiling fans for our back patio.  It was all in preparation for Boston's 2nd birthday party.
When we get tired of entertaining our child with the park.....we bring him here to fake ride the tractors.  Its cheap and makes his day.  Win win.
The trick is getting him off them.
Once he got his tractor thrill we headed over to the lumber aisle and let daddy do his thang.  I would go for the cheap get-er-done lumber but not Jer.  He wants to the get best most expensive wood.  You know....the stuff that'll last us more than a year.  Then he has to carefully go through each one to get the best looking pieces.
After waiting on Jer for what seemed like for-eva we head out with lumber, fans and a few extras in hand.  Those few extras.....you'll learn about soon.  ;)
Pretty sure I'm going to see this sight of these two for many years to come.  Swoon.
Seriously, I just did a whole post about us going to Home Depot.  Is that crazy or what?  Do you guys ever want to document little family things like this?  Or am I the only nut around the blogosphere that does this?


Laura:: said...

i would document every single minute of every day if husband would let me.

Tiffany H. said...

That's funny, we go to Home Depot too just to walk around sometimes.


Kelly Ann said...

Absolutely adorable, he looks like he was a big help!

Sparkles and Shoes

Hannah/ Mommarazzi said...

I jot down stuff like this in a notebook, in case it never makes it to the blog, then I can remember all the tiny silly details of our "family time" & what it actually consists of :) Mommies understand, you aren't alone :)


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