Entry Christmas Decor

Our theme/colors this year are blue, silver, red and white stripes and burlap.  I love all of these colors together.  To me, it spells chic and fun.  

I decided that we needed a different way of presenting our Christmas cards when we get them.  The easiest way to me (and cute way) was to make a tree for them to hang on.  I went behind our fence in our backyard and chose a few small branches that looked good enough (sturdy enough) for what I would use them for.  I already had a cylindrical vase and popped those babies in the vase.  Then, so that you wouldn't be able to see them inside the vase, I wrapped the vase with blue sparkly wrapping paper that I'm also using to wrap our gifts in from Wal-Mart.  Simple, cheap and sparkly (which is my favorite part).  I absolutely love that wrapping paper!
What I love the most is everything was F.R.E.E.  I used everything I already had in my Christmas bins.  I didn't have to buy a.single.thang.  Winning!  
As for the runner, I cut burlap and ran it along the buffet table (which Jer calls our entry way dresser :)).  Then, I re-used the red and white stripes from Boston's birthday party and placed it on top of the burlap runner.  Again, simple and free.  Booyah.
I almost spray painted the tree branches white but decided that their natural brown colors looked great.  Maybe next year you'll see them painted a different color.  To add the cards, I used a hole puncher and hold punched the cards and ran twine through the holes and placed them on a branch (this picture was taken a few weeks ago so it doesn't show all of our cute cute Christmas cards we've gotten since then.   So if your card isn't in the picture, trust me, it's up there for all to see).  :)
Happy Entry Way Christmas Decorating,


The Sauls said...

My colors are blue/silver/white and I wanted to add in some red this year and I did but not very much cause I wasn't sure how it all would look together. I love how yours looks. Thanks for the ideas.

Anonymous said...

That's such a great idea! Super cute! I think it would be hard to find a vase sturdy enough to handle those sturdy branches, though. I'd have to shop for one. But I love this idea -- maybe I'll give it a try next year! Merry Christmas! :)

THE COOK'S said...

Y'all are so kind!!! Thank you so much.

Yeah, I'm really enjoying the colors!

The vase I'm using is barely holding the branches up, it's not too heavy. So you are right, you should get a heavy duty one to hold the branches. :)

Heading over to your blogs to check them out! :-)

Dawnee said...

I really love the your card/tree display! For my daughter-in-laws baby shower last month we created something along that idea for people to pin wishes and blessings for the baby.

THE COOK'S said...

Thank you, Dawnee! :) That is a great idea, too. Just might have to use that idea for a future baby shower!


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