Boston James - You Are 20 Months Old

Dear Boston,
       As you near the end of your second year of life, we are so amazed at the little boy you have become.  Based on your actions and words, it is clear that you love us so much, and we thank God very often for giving us the true gift of getting to be your parents.  Each day brings something new and different and fun.  It's an absolute blast to watch you continue to grow and learn and develop your personality.  We so look forward to your advancements next month.

        Here are just a few of the new things you have started to do:

*  you love to hold open your book, put it up to your face and "read."  Mommy and daddy think it's the cutest thing ever.  
*  you love to copy everything little thing dada does.
*  you love making airplane noises when you fly your airplane in your room.
*  you also make car noises, "vwoom" when playing with your cars.
*  you said football, grammy and kitty.
*  you love to say "bye" to everything and everyone.
*  your new favorite breakfast is cereal.  
*  you are pretty clumsy when walking sometimes.  
*  "Bye!" is your favorite word.
*  you love holding our cellphones up to your ear and "talking."  :)
*  you taught yourself how to push your cars forward with your legs while sitting on it.
*  you can now climb up into your booster chair by yourself.
*  you ate a turkey and cheese sandwich like a big boy.  Momma didn't have to cut it into pieces.
*  you love to press buttons.
*  we started time-outs this month.  
*  you love to play peek-a-boo with your hands.  you get a kick out of it.
*  you started saying, "Na!" aka No!
*  you absolutely love lawn mowers.

Stay Awesome Little Man,
Mommy and Daddy Love You.

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