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--Today we are headed to Tulsa, OK (about 4.5 hours away) with Jer for a deposition he has tomorrow.  Four and a half hours in the car with a 20 month old should be interesting.

--Boston turned 20 months old on Saturday!!  postcomingsoon!

--This past weekend we celebrated my nephew, Noah's, 3rd birthday party.  Boston always has fun with his cousin.  Since Boston and Noah are both into trains (Thomas) we took them yesterday to ride the train.  It was loads of fun!
--I'd love for y'all to come follow us on twitter!  It's a fun way to share what's going on with us almost daily.

--I have been terrible with my dieting.  But it's Monday and I'm determined to get back on track.  Especially since I now have 4 months until we are on the beach in Florida.

--We have finally x-nayed the b.o.t.t.l.t.e.s from Boston.  Cold Turkey.  Hasta La Vista.  Gone.  Bye Bye.  It's been a long time coming.  Oddly, the thought of it has been hard for me.  Since B never took a pacifier, his Dr. Brown bottles were his pacifier.  He would finish his milk and then suck on the bottles while walking around and playing.  They would comfort him in car rides and before going to sleep for naps and at night.  He loved them.  And by taking them away, I felt like I was taking his best friend(s) away.  Crazy/Silly, I know.  It truly makes me sad for him.  But, we've done it and we're not looking back!

Now I just need to find a good sippy cup that he'll like and want to use.  He was always all about the "bottles" before.  Nothing compared.

--I'm excited to show you a project or two this week, that we've created.  You'll have to tell me what you all thing about them!

--I have so many friends that are getting pregnant with their 2nd babies, lately.  Is it weird that I'm not even an ounce ready for another one?  I'm enjoying focusing on B these days.  I don't want to give up that focus right now.  Some days I wonder if I'll ever be ready.  ha.

--Baked broccoli!!!  So yum.  Broccoli, crushed garlic and salt.  Broil for 10 minutes until the garlic caramelizes and voila.....you have a bowl of awesome-ness.
--Be sure to check out my sidebar on the right.  I've added a few new blogs that I'm following!

--I'm so thankful that Boston still takes 2 naps a day.  I'm not sure how I will function when he switches to one.  I already feel like I don't get enough done while he's sleeping during both naps.

--Boston's Temper.....OY!!!  It's been a category 5 lately.  I'm not sure where he's learned it but he has slapped my face and pulled my hair a few times during his fit of rage.  No bueno.  Unacceptable.  So, we started "time out" and it started off rough.  He thought it was a game.  When he would try to get down, we would pick him up and put him back on, and he would laugh at us.  After about a week now, I think he's getting the idea.  Fingers crossed we don't have to do time out very often.

Are there any tips that you all can give on disciplining a head strong toddler???  I'm all ears.

--I still can't decide on a paint color.
--Guess what Monday it is?!  It's the first Monday of the month. And you know what that means.....curb/trash hunting!  Since we are leaving today to OK, we won't have time to walk the neighborhood, so we'll be driving it later.  ha.

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Happy Monday!


Meghan @ More from Meg said...

Pics of your son are so cute!!! I really like the first 2 paint samples - hope you have a great Monday!

ms.composure said...

Stumbled onto your blog and just wanted to leave you a little blog luv! Def enjoyed this post!! New Follower via email :-)


Ashley @ embracing the everyday said...

Your son is just too cute! Love the name Boston, too. :) I love that second paint color! It's similar to the color of the walls in my house. Also, that broccoli looks so yummy...and it's healthy so that's definitely a plus!

Unknown said...

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