Swingin' Time

One of Boston's Christmas presents from us was a new swing for our back patio.  He loves to swing at the park so it was at the top of our list as a "must-get" for Christmas.  A few months back we had started looking at them when we would hit up Toys R' Us, Home Depot and Lowe's to see what some of our options were.

In the end we chose this one from Home Depot.
We liked the green and yellow colors.  And we liked that we could install it on something like this playground set in the future (when we save up our pennies).

Jer installed it two weekends ago while Boston was taking one of his naps.  We weren't sure exactly where we wanted it since we have a pretty long patio.  We debated for a while and then finally agreed to put it on the side of the porch near the door and not on the front of the patio looking out.  So that, while he's swinging he would be clear from people walking in and out of the door but closer to the door.  It's a perfect spot for him to swing and for us to grill at the same time since the grill is just far enough away from him.

Jer first measured the length of the section, did some calculations (he's very OCD about measurements, I always tell him he should have been a mathematician) and marked his spots.  While drilling the screw holes we luckily were able to drill into solid wood which we were hoping for since that would give the most anchor support.
Using his screwdriver as a turning device he screwed his screw in and tightened it as far in as it would go.   
When we purchased the swing, we also purchase extra chain (about 10 feet of chain.  we'll never have a lack of chain around our house.  we clearly bought too much.  ha.  i tried convincing Jer to take the rest back to HD but that was a negative.) because we wanted it a little lower to the ground than the ropes offered.  We ended up only using 6 chain links as extra length-age.  
Done and ready for the B'ster to try it out!  
When he woke up, we were so excited to show it to him.  It was chilly outside so we layered him with clothes and popped a warm hat on him.
He has no idea what's about to happen.  
So serious.  Wondering why I stopped him just to point my black box that's in front of my face at him.  
We then proceeded.  
He had a blast.  I can only imagine what his little brain was saying.  Hopefully he was thinking, "man, these people they call my mom and dad are ah-some!"  Just maybe he thinks we are cool now.  :)
His airplane obsession even gets his attention while swinging.  
It was time to go in and this happened....
.....total meltdown.  
SO, can you guess how we spend most of our days lately?  Yup-on our back patio swinging.  Since the weather has been in the 70's he spends his time swinging while I surf blogs/listen to music with the outside speakers Jer installed.  Thanks, love, we've gotten our money's worth out of them lately.  :)

Here's B in action in his swing one morning.  Remember when I told you Jer is a funny guy?  Well, let's just say he cracks me up all the time.  :-)

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