Music To Our Patio's Ears

Yup, our patio has ears.  At least Jer thinks so.  And now those ears can hear some music.

I have to say, my boy-toy (aka Jer) has been one busy fella.  With work, painting, latching and now installing speakers I've gotten my money out of him.  Not really, but if I'd paid him, he would have been well worth the money.

Last weekend, he got this great idea to buy and install outdoor speakers on our patio.  How did he get this idea you ask?  Well, when we built our home, we had our living room and back patio pre-wired for speakers.  So this past weekend while we were painting he went around and took all of the plug-in plate covers off so that I could paint up to the hole.  And while he was doing that he went ahead and took off the plate cover where we had a pre-wired volume control panel for outdoor speakers/music next to our back door.  They are wired to our living room stereo.  So whatever we are listening to in our living room, we turn this knob and we can listen to that same music outside.  Genius.

So we loaded up Boston and my mom and left on our hunt for speakers.  We originally were looking for outdoor flush mount speakers.  We started in Roanoke where we went to Home Depot and then tried Wal-Mart and neither store had any.  So that left us one choice...to head to Southlake where we knew Best Buy would have them.  However, they didn't have any flush mounted ones.  Bummer.  So we had to settle for the big-bulky-not-so-cute speakers.

But first, a picture of my sweetie pie in his stroller sittin' tight while we go back and forth about which speakers and which color to get.  We opted for the white middle priced ones.  Wouldn't want these babies to die on us while jamming out.
Here's my lovey hard at work.  I stepped outside to give him my opinion on the placement of them.  He always values my opinion.  :-)

Let me just say that he was ohh so excited to do this.  After we got back we were eating lunch with B and my mom and I could tell he was itching to install them.  You can clearly see the difference in men and women.  Not-my-cup-of-tea.  Plus, it made him happy.  Happy wife husband, happy life.  :)

Here's our little knob thingy.  We tried it out and it works great.  Loud and clear.  And very convenient I might at.  Thank you, Jer and great job.

Next up: buying flush speakers for our living room ceiling.  But those will be a while, since they are pretty pricey.  A lot of research will have to go into buying those.  We wanna make sure we are getting enough bang for our buck.


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