It's already that time again.  Geesh, these days are going by sooo fast.  Too fast for comfort.  That means I'm getting older faster.  That's what I tell Boston, "That's unacceptable!"

Anywho, it's Wednesday, nevertheless.  So today I'm linking up with Jamie.

1.  I'M LOVING that Jer is back home from an over-night trip to San Antonio.  Often times, he travels which leaves me home alone.  No bueno!

2. I'M LOVING this DIY (or I like to say, Do It Myself) stuff I found recently on Pinterest.
 Light shade made out of paint sticks.  What a great idea.  

Pallet table.  How cut and easy.

3.  I'M LOVING that my diet is going pretty good so far.  It's been 2 weeks....so ask me in about 2 months.  Ha.  :)

4.  I'M LOVING a project that I'm about to start involving this $5 thrift store find.

5.  I'M LOVING this pizza!  We all eat it for dinner at least one night a week when I don't feel like cooking or didn't plan ahead for dinner.  It is SO good.  Boston loves it too.

6.  I'M LOVING this little person that is ALL MINE (well, and Jer's, if I really have to share him).  :-)

7.  I'M LOVING the church mom's group that I belong to and attend each Tuesday morning.  It is absolutely an answered prayer.  I love this group and all of the girls that are in it!!!

8.  I'M LOVING that Boston loves to say "Cer"...aka Car.

9.  I'M LOVING these dresses!!!  If you know me, you know that I'm a dress-kinda-girl.  I heart dresses to the n'th degree.  I've been known to wear my dresses to bed.  True story.  I can't wait for spring and summer to get here.

10.  I'M LOVING last but not least, this man.  I was dropping him off at the airport.  I'm so grateful that God chose him to spend my life with.  :-)

Happy Hump Day!
P.S.  I have NO IDEA where my background went.  Hoping to fix this soon!  :-)


Holly said...

I love your pinterest finds... and I'm drooling over your house on the left side. :)

THE COOK'S said...

Thank you, Holly!!! So sweet! What is your blog address? :)


Alyssa said...

Good for you for sticking to your diet that long! It can be hard at times but it's so worth it! You can do it! :)

THE COOK'S said...

Thank you SO much, Alyssa! It's been h.a.r.d to say the least. Ha. Your comment made me smile. :)


Agdmeredith said...

Totally love the pallet table. What an amazing idea!! I think I've planned our next pay date Thursday! Just kidding :) Toddlers and power tools probably not a good idea.
Oh and totally love the swing pictures!

carissa at lowercase letters said...

i'm loving all the pallet furniture i see everywhere! and those dresses? yes please.

THE COOK'S said...

Mer - Me too! Haha...you crack me up! Come over anytime to do a project with me! :)

Carissa - I know, me too! It looks like such an easy thing to make. Yup - dresses are my favorite. :)

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